Month: May 2014

Florida: Lawful Possession of Firearms during Emergency Evacuations Bill dies.

SB 296 would have allowed those “in lawful possession” of guns to conceal weapons without a permit during mandatory evacuations and local emergencies, such as riots. That’s not the same as a gun owner, and could apply to adult children or spouses of gun owners with clean criminal records who are found carrying guns.

The bill, which passed the House last month 80-36, was called “insane” by Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. He worked with Latvala on an amendment that would limit the exemption for concealed weapons permits to 24 hours. It also removed the exemption once the carrier of the weapon reached a destination upon evacuation.

via TALLAHASSEE: NRA-backed gun bill dies in Florida Senate – Legislature –

We can’t win them all. That is the reality of things.  I am sure we will hear Moms and MAIG and Brady et al making a big fuzz about it while ignoring the other five bills that passed and are waiting for the Governor’s signature.

Target for next year will be the modification of Florida Statutes 252.36 (5)(H) and to strike out one single word.

Suspend or limit the sale, dispensing, or transportation of alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives, and combustibles.

That should be easier that a whole new law.

UPDATE: As expected, Moms FL Chapter squees.

Moms Demand FL evacuation bill

Not a peep about the other bills.

And Now for Something Completely Different: Self Defense against Cows.

Cows are nice, docile animals for the most part, but the kindest, most gentle cow can turn into the most dangerous raging, insane critter on earth if you are trying to do her a favor by assisting her when she is calving, treating her calf for sickness, helping the little fellow out if he is chilled at birth, or perhaps putting an identification tag in the little tyke’s ear. If you are trying to do the cow’s calf a favor, you definitely need a personal defense weapon.

Only people who handle cattle know how dangerous cows can be. Cows maim and kill many more people than bulls do. Cows kill way more people than sharks do. I, personally, have never felt my life has been threatened by a shark, but lots of cows have put some terror into me

via Spring: A cowman’s fancy turns to … personal defense weapons.

As an inexperienced City Boy, I would have chuckled at this article. But as a City Boy who spent a week at a cattle ranch once (and never again) and was the target of every practical joke available, let me tell you cows can inflict serious damage if you get in the way. And even if they don’t mean to do harm, it is just plain physics, they are much bigger than you. Get them scared and get ready to suffer pain and/or injury. In my very short experience at the cattle ranch, I tried to stop a calf, maybe 2 weeks old from running away…and I stepped in front of it … now I know what it feels to be run over by a Harley Davidson at 20 miles per hour. Lesson learned.

Every time I eat steak, is just sheer payback for that incident. Yeah, I can hold a grudge, a tasty flavorful grudge 🙂

Pa. Supreme Court rules for warrantless vehicle searches…

Chief Justice Ronald Castille, and Justices J. Michael Eakin, Seamus McCaffery and Thomas Saylor held the majority vote. The majority intention, according to McCaffery, is to standardize police search protocol, and cut back on evidence suppression motions and other litigation that muddle the judicial process.

“To provide greater uniformity in the assessment of individual cases and more consistency with regard to the admissibility of the fruits of vehicular searches based on probable cause, a more easily applied rule — such as that of the federal automobile exception — is called for,” reads McCaffery’s statement in the report.

via Pa. Supreme Court rules for warrantless vehicle searches.

Dear PA Supreme Court: You were not put in black robes and comfy chairs to decide on streamlining investigative processes or stay up to date on the latest coupons for office supplies from Staples, but to make sure the Constitution and the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are being followed.

Bloomberg Latest Offensive Drive is more of the Same Old Stuff: Lie.

The latest from Demand Action… resuscitating Zombie Lies
Demand Action Indiana Law

That awful law did the NRA supported that would allow Johnny Crackhead shoot and kill at Billy Goodcop as he tries to stop the one-man crime wave? Hysterical Outrage must ensue! BRING ME THE HEAD OF WAYNE LAPIERRE!

Not quite. See, Indiana took a momentous step on making sure his citizens do not get screwed by a police mistake or bad intention:

(i) A person is justified in using reasonable force against a public servant if the person reasonably believes the force is necessary to:

(1) protect the person or a third person from what the person reasonably believes to be the imminent use of unlawful force;

(2) prevent or terminate the public servant’s unlawful entry of or attack on the person’s dwelling, curtilage, or occupied motor vehicle; or

(3) prevent or terminate the public servant’s unlawful trespass on or criminal interference with property lawfully in the person’s possession, lawfully in possession of a member of the person’s immediate family, or belonging to a person whose property the person has authority to protect.

If you are in the other 49 states, at home enjoying the peace and quiet after a long day at work when suddenly, you hear the back door being torn open and people screaming. You retrieve your weapon thinking you are being invaded by criminals, use you weapon and happen to shoot the intruder. But , Ooops! They were cops. You are now, if not dead, in your way to prison for a very long time….even if the cops screwed up and served the warrant on the wrong house or individual.

Yes Little Timmy, through no fault of your own, you are gonna be screwed. Maybe some tired secretary wrote the wrong house number, maybe some heroin-infested stool pigeon desperately looking for a deal decided to make up some bullshit story to the arresting narc who being to tired after chasing your arse, does not do the minimum effort to see if he is being given the true skinny but instead bullshit some paperwork and gets SWAT to serve the warrant at full tactical mode. The end result is the same: you are screwed and the police has immunity because they were serving what they thought to be a legal warrant. About the only thing that could be done to “penalize” the department for hiring substandard idiots in a world full of fully papered ones is to sue them for millions of bucks, a process that can drag forever, you may not see because you are taking a long vacation in Potter’s Field and even if your descendant win the lawsuit, the money comes out of the taxpayers.

OK, so what happens if you are not in the privacy of your home but a public place? You are also screwed even if the cop is off duty, drunk out of his mind and beating you brutally as it happened to this bartender:

She eventually got a settlement for $ 850,000 and the officer got probation, anger management classes (paid by the taxpayer) and 130 hours of community service, (like we want him around the community) and kept his job as Chicago Police Officer.

Now, imagine yourself present in a situation like that. You see this huge man beating this slender female with a brutality that is so shocking, you cannot think but say “I need to stop that crap!” you draw your handgun and deliver a couple of well placed shots to the brute, stopping his attack. Next thing you are on your way to jail and a new set of orange rompers because the brute has been issued a shield and is immune from consequences from his actions and it is divine dictum that you let them do what they want or pay the piper. If no shield was present, you’d be lauded as the hero who saved a woman in deadly distress and the brute would be the one spending time in jail after a visit to the local ER.

Sorry, but this Indiana law has to be duplicated all over the US or police departments get their manure together and start to cull the herd of idiots that bring shame to the uniform…then again in the case of Chicago, it would mean give 99% of the force permanent vacation.

Update: Somewhat related but a great example of the abuse of immunity by LEO and or prosecutor: Circuit Court Overturns Immunity For Law Enforcement Officials Who Sent An Innocent Man To Prison For 22 Years


The blogger you have reached is temporarily brain dead….

In case you don’t know, the sound of a circular saw with a ripping blade going through 2x6s is not conductive to creative writing. After the first two days, you think you are listening to the screams of tortured souls paying eternal penance in hell…. or Camden, NJ.

Most of the original deck in the back porch dates 25 years if the paperwork from the previous owner is right.  I coaxed, treated, recycled and did every trick possible to make it last long and it has, but the part of the porch exposed to the elements was finally to damaged to do anything other than replacement and that is what has been happening since Monday.

But like in any good infomercial, that is not all! She Who Must Be Obeyed decided that while we are at it, it would be a good time to repaint the house. I wanted to disagree saying that just because about 25% of the paint was peeling and 100% of it was faded & bleached by the South Florida sun, it did not mean it was bad.  Yes, I lost that one too. So in  about 30 minutes, I will have to drag myself out the comfort of my blogging perch, brave the current condition of 89 degrees, mostly clouded and go buy the damned primer, putty & paint for the contractor. Calculations on how much would be needed for the primer, putty & paint combo and my butt literally compressed into supernova status when the numbers said I would be coloring the humble abode with the equivalent of a brand new two-toned FNS 9mm with a 4 inch barrel and night sights, 3 extra mags and a holster from Dragon Leatherworks.


I ask you, Dear Reader: Is there no justice in this world? Why would the gods make me go through this ordeal? I thought Heracles pretty much did it already when he cleaned the Augean Stables?

The things we must to keep SWMBO happy.