Month: September 2014

About Will Hayden.

Everybody and his mother has talked about it enough so I am just gonna leave this here:

I have privately spoken with Stephanie and a few others close to the situation and have heard more than I ever wanted to know.

The Justice system will deal with Will Hayden but that’s a separate issue from the pain and heartbreak that has been caused.

via A Friend of The Family Responds To Sons Of Guns Arrest – Bearing Arms.

That’ll be all.


You don’t know who is gonna attack you.

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — Kaylan Whiteside is behind bars as her grandfather, who was shot, recovers at Carolinas Medical Center.

The York County Sheriff’s Office would not tell Channel 9 exactly how Whiteside was involved in the crime, but she is facing an attempted murder charge.
War veteran in critical condition after being shot by robbers
A community is shocked by a crime that targeted an elderly veteran, and police believe a family member may have targeted him.
“I heard about it but I didn’t realize that it was his grandkid that got arrested,” Cara Berenyi, who lives in the area, said. “That’s pretty crazy.”

via Deputies: Granddaughter charged after vet shot, robbed |

This is possibly the worst case scenario. The violation of the family bond and trust has to be unthinkable for most of us. I am willing to bet that there were enough hints that the granddaughter was not the most honest people in the world, but still I understand how somebody from that generation would be caught in the denial that blood would come after him.

Sad state of affairs. Time to revise the family bonds.

Gun Porn: Holland and Holland .577 Howdah Pistol

H and H Howda 577 cal


This is one of those guns that I have absolutely no practical use for, but I would love to have one.

Pedersoli has the Howdah Hunter 20 Gauge Black Powder Pistol with Presentation Box and Accessories at a reasonable $949.99 at Cabela’s and it is not an item that requires background check so you can order it and have it delivered to your door.

pedersoli howdah

I want to make this one of my BBQ Guns. Donations are gladly accepted.

Back in the Old Days

Marlin Rifle Shotgun

From what I gather, the Junior Sales Club of America was designed for Kids to sell cards (blank, those were the day when people communicated via pen and a stamp) and after so many boxes sold, they got to select a reward.

If you check the circled items, you may (or not) be surprised that they could select as reward Marlin 22 rifles and a Marlin shotgun.  Obviously this is pre-GCA68 so that means the guns were shipped directly home to boot.

It explains all those school shootings back then….oh wait.

Moms Demand: Taking the SuperMom thing a bit too serious.

Trying really hard not to laugh:

Moms Demand Super Mom


Remember, they get all mad and pissy when they feel we are not taking them serious and accuse us of being sexist and misogynist plus a whole ‘nother truckload of adjectives.

For people who are so conscious of their image……Oy!



And now, a word from out fashion consultant Edna Mode:

edna mode


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