Month: July 2015

Trophy Hunting and Hunting in General.

Jeff Riley does a great explanation about hunting and how hunters and gun owners do more for the ecosystem that 99.99999% of the hardest core member of any green group.


Law of unintended consequences…if you ban hunting those animals will disappear. After reading this article go read about Kenya’s spectacular loss of wildlife after banning all hunting (trophy, sport, meat). Since 1977, Kenya has lost 60% to 70% of all its large wildlife even in national parks. Hunters spend tremendously more money on conservation than any other groups combined.

Here are the numbers, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, and other public sources:

** $746 million — Annual amount of money spent by hunters in the United States on licenses and public land access fees alone. Sportsmen’s licensing revenues account for more than half of all funding for state natural resource agencies

** $300 million — Additional monies contributed to wildlife conservation every year by the more than 10,000 private hunting-advocate organizations, like the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

** $4.2 billion — Amount of money sportsmen have contributed to conservation through a 10% federal excise taxes on firearms, ammunition, and gear since the 1937 Pittman-Robertson Act established the tax. Millions of acres of public-use land has been purchased, preserved, and maintained with this money.

So..if you want to ban hunting you’ll need to step up and replace that funding with your own money. More importantly you had better become a wildlife expert because no other group know and fights harder for maintaining habitats for these animals.

For instance, good intentions kill deer every year because people who don’t know any better, put out hay for deer in the middle of winter. Deer can’t handle this adrupt change from the wood browse diet they have been eating and it kills them.

Never judge a policy based on its intentions…judge it based on results. Based on results…hunting has saved far more animals than it has taken.

Every cow that goes to the slaughterhouse is killed…not ever deer born falls to the hunter.

Jeff Riley.

And so is the BS that the Cecil killing has created, that  countries with plenty of animals and local people fed because well-managed trophy hunting are suddenly scared they will lose the income that keeps the animals safe from the guns of the poachers. Read the whole article, if you don’t know about trophy hunting, it will be an eye opener.

As Tanzania’s highest-ranking wildlife official, I ask on behalf of my country and all of our wildlife: do not list the African lion as endangered. Instead, help us make the most from the revenues we generate. Help us make trophy hunting more sustainable and more valuable. In short, please work with us to conserve wildlife, rather than against us, which only diminishes our capacity to protect Tanzania’s global treasures.

Source: Saving Lions by Killing Them – The New York Times

Them Moving Goalposts.

Gun Control: We need more Background Checks!
Gun People: The Background Check system is effed up.
Gun Control: SHUT UP! We need more Background Checks!
Gun People: I keep telling ya, the Background Check system is effed up.
Gun Control: SHUT UP! You are getting Koch Blood Money! We need more Background Checks!

“And in the news. the latest Predator shooting inside a Gun Free Zone passed the background check because errors in the system.”

Gun Control: Background Checks need to be fixed!
Gun People: Now you believe me?
Gun Control: We always supported fixing of Background checks. SHUT UP!
Gun People: <sigh>


CSGV ratchets up the rhetoric, some followers are not amused.

When you run around the Lib/Prog playground, you are bound to offend somebody (or a bunch of them) eventually. The Atheists apparently did not find amusing the use of a non-entity as Gun Control tool.
CSGV Devil 1

You know the really sad part? That the Atheists behaved more like Christians than the so-called-Christian followers of CSGV did. But we agree that the do belong to a cult, so demonizing those who are not drinking their flavor of Kool Aid is not unexpected.

CSGV and the meaning of cowardice

I’m a doctor and I play one on the Internet.  Not an MD mind you, but a PhD.  I have a dual concentration Metallurgy and Biomedical Engineering.  I bring this up not for braggadocio but for credentials.  So when I touch on matters of biomechanics, anatomy, and physiology, I am speaking with some level of authority.

In one of Miguel’s previous posts he quoted from some CSGV blowhard (emphasis mine):

“They are so terrified of having a simple physical confrontation (i.e., shoving match, fistfight)–and so bitter about what it might do to their pride and reputation if they come out on the losing side of the equation–that they would rather shoot and kill another human being than stand up and face that situation (which frequently is of their own making).” 

I’ll admit it, I am terrified of getting into a fistfight.  I’m not gonna take it outside.  I’m not gonna settle it like a man.  I will do everything I can to avoid a fight, and if that means I have to shoot you, guess what, I’m gonna shoot you (which believe me, I’d much rather not).

Here is why, in three words, I do not want to get into a fistfight: Traumatic Brain Injury.  The human brain is made up of relatively inelastic tissue, neurons and capillaries.  The brain sits in a sack of fluid called the dura matter.  This is inside the skull. When you take a punch to the head, your head goes from still to moving very quickly.  This linear and rotational acceleration causes the brain to smash around inside of your skull like dice in a shaker.

Every time your brain hits skull, it stretches.  When your brain stretches it tears, neurons rip away from each other and capillarities rupture.  Your brain starts to bleed.  Blood collects in the spongy tissue of the brain compressing it.  The brain starts to swell, squeezing it inside of the skull.  This compression and the torn blood vessels causes a loss of blood flow to regions of the brain.  Without blood, there is no oxygen, without oxygen, parts of the brain shut down.  Long enough without oxygen, the brain dies.  When the brain dies, so do you.

A solid punch can cause your brain to smack around inside your skull with the force of a high speed car accident.  And no, it doesn’t take a professional boxer to kill with with a punch.

I like my brain.  I spend long enough in school stuffing it full of facts.  I’m not going to let somebody try an kill it to prove my manliness.  Assuming that I survive, of course, it would me nice to still be able to come away remembering how to do math, or even my kid’s name.

So no.  I’m not going to fight you.  I really don’t want to.  It’s not so much that I’m a yellow bellied chicken.  I just don’t feel like having my neurons torn apart to prove to you that I’m a man.


Black Church Shooting You Are NOT hearing about.

Via Texas Gun Rights.

BAYTOWN, TX (KTRK) — A would-be burglar messed with the wrong church and pastor Tuesday. Baytown police say the man kicked in the door of the Church of New Beginnings early and attempted to rob it.”We have church break-ins here in the city of Baytown,” said Pat Holmes. “But ours had never been broken into. Unfortunately today was the day.”Around 6:15, police say a man broke into the Church of New Beginnings on North Alexander. Surveillance video shows the man breaking through the door. Little did he know that Pastor Benny Holmes was sleeping inside, and that he was strapped.

Source: Police: Pastor shoots intruder at Baytown church |

Praise the Lord and Pass The Ammunition.

Happy endings do not make the National News, noticed that?

Hat Tip to Joe Chetwood A.K.A. Mr. Slipstream.

CSGV and their Dark Corners.

Sean Sorrentino found this one:
CSGV Fistfight

One thing you come to realize as you explore the darker corners of the pro-gun movement is how cowardly and soulless many of these men are. They are so terrified of having a simple physical confrontation (i.e., shoving match, fistfight)–and so bitter about what it might do to their pride and reputation if they come out on the losing side of the equation–that they would rather shoot and kill another human being than stand up and face that situation (which frequently is of their own making). It’s a philosophy so devoid of dignity, honor, courage, and value for human life that every American of conscience must speak against it, loudly.

I had warned earlier in the year that Gun Control groups would start to ratchet up the rhetoric because they were feeling not only not advancing but actually losing ground in great swaths. Here is a great example of that.

Cowardly, soulless, terrified, bitter, devoid of dignity, honor, courage and value for human life.

Could they lay it any thicker? But dehumanizing the target of your attacks is a well-known and traditional method of political attack, so it should not surprise us: If you are perceived as less than human, the act of killing you becomes more palatable and easier to accept by your followers.

They are no longer humans like you but Jews. They don’t feel love because they are Tutsi. They don’t worry about the same every day things because they are  Armenians.  They don’t feel pain because they are Croats. And because of all of the above, they all were killed without remorse.

I think it is Donna who chides me for paying too much attention to CSGV, but I do believe they are ounce per ounce the most dangerous Gun Control organization out there. And I don’t mean it in the political-power sense but that they are deranged enough to pull some seriously idiotic stunt that would get people killed (like their latest call for SAWTting people legally carrying guns) and then try to validate their belief system. Yes, belief system because I am not kidding when I call them a Cult.

.And for the “They are so terrified of having a simple physical confrontation,” there is no such thing in real life. Only in the movies.

Thanks to Sean for letting me run with this latest stupidity from the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence.