Month: July 2016

The Death of a Nation

We watched in 2008, then again in 2012, the major American news outlets be-clown themselves in their fawning, sycophantic, adoration of Barack Obama.  We watched the host of a prime time new show describe getting a tingle up his leg listing to the then Democratic candidate bullshit Americans.  We watched as journalists from one of the most reputable and venerated news shows ask the President questions that could only be described as “comically obsequious.”  It has been clear for the last 8 years that the 4th estate is in the tank for the Democrat party.

One would think then that a person would become jaded to this bias when it comes to Hillary Clinton and 2016.  For the most part, yes.  When the Huffington Post publishes a piece following Hillary’s nomination with the headline “Hillary Clinton Looks Downright Angelic In A White Pantsuit At The DNC,” is that in any way shocking.  There are many words I could use to describe Hillary Clinton, a precious few of them might even be nice, but none of those words would be angelic.  But of course a writer with HuffPo is going to write about Hillary in a way that is nothing short of oleaginous.

Then I came to this article by Ezra Kein of Vox, that was so beyond the pale, that I just couldn’t leave it alone.

This election isn’t just Democrat vs. Republican. It’s normal vs. abnormal.

It goes on to explain that Trump and the GOP is an abnormal, crazy, loudmouth; and by contrast, Hillary is the normal candidate.

Ezra Klein is wrong (what else is new?), there is nothing about this election that is normal.  I’ve said enough about Trump, so I’m going to skip him for this post.  What I will say is that his abnormally pales comparison to the abnormality of Hillary Clinton and what goes on around her.   Especially what goes on around her.


We can talk about Hillary Clinton and cattle futures or any of the other financial scandals she’s been involved in, but those are fairly run-of-the-mill type bits of low level government corruption.

A Democrat Congressman commits tax fraud and lies about his income.

A Democrat Congresswoman commits fraud and steals from a fake charity she created.

A Democrat Congressman commits fraud and steals from his campaign fund.

A Democrat Governor commits fraud and uses state resources to line his pockets.

A Democrat Governor commits fraud and tries to sell a Senate seat for personal gain.

Just read the history of “Boss” Tweed and Tammany Hall or the Chicago Political Machine to see what real political corruption looks like.

The Democrats may not have invented political corruption, but they sure as hell have mastered it.

If Hillary Clinton’s scandals were limited to pay-to-play, graft, patronage, and other forms of Gombeenism, that would be one thing.  But the level of corruption Hillary Clinton has engaged in undermines the security of the United States of America.  What we have seen when it comes to Hillary Clinton, from those that support her, is a casual disregard of Banana Republic level corruption.  It is bizarre.

The Republicans have tried to make hash out of these types of scandals that emanate from Hillary.  It is not that these accusations don’t stick.  It is that Hillary supporters just don’t care.

Republicans: Hillary Clinton was derelict in her duty as Secretary of State, allowing the loss of our Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, to enemy forces and the death of a US Ambassador and three other Americans.

Democrats: And…?

Republicans: Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, allowed the Russian Government to buy 20% of US Uranium mining rights – a strategic national resource – after making a substantial donation to the Clinton Foundation.  

Democrats: And…?

Republicans: Hillary Clinton set up an unauthorized server for her email – deliberately to be outside the reach of FOIA requests – that was unsecured and put classified documents at risk of being stolen, in violation of the Espionage Act.

Democrats:  And…?

The FBI investigates Hillary Clinton.  Former President Bill Clinton meets with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  The FBI Director, live on national TV, laid out the case for the prosecution and conviction of Hillary Clinton, and ends his press conference with “but we ain’t gonna do shit about it.”  And nobody who supports Hillary cares that she could and may have compromised the security of the United States.

Democrats:  And…?

Absolutely everybody with a functioning brain KNOWS that the Clinton Foundation was a institution set up to allow businesses and foreign governments to buy influence from the Clintons.  It’s just that Clinton supporters JUST DON’T CARE.

Democrats:  Sheesh guys *rolls eyes* and…?

The question is, what happens when this apathy towards this level of corruption puts Hillary in the White House?

On some random date in, say, 2018, a headline will appear in the news: Chinese Government makes record $5 Billion donation to the Clinton Foundation.

A week later a headline will appear in the news:President Clinton authorizes sale of Nimitz Class supercarrier to China.  


Someday in 2019: Iranian Government makes $500 Million donation to the Clinton Foundation.

A week later: Clinton Administration will not respond to successful test of Iranian Nuclear Weapon.

Will the response by the Democrats still be: And…?

Obama is incompetent in the matters of dealing with world crises because he is bound to an ideology that won’t let him acknowledge who the arsonists are that are responsible for burning the world.

Hillary Clinton will let the arsonists burn the world, if they donate enough to the Clinton Foundation.

If ISIS can donate enough funds, will President Hilary Clinton recognize them as a legitimate political actor with Raqqa as their capital?

This is the abnormality of Hillary Clinton.  Trump may be a hothead.  But I believe that he sincerely cares about America’s safety as a nation and would not put the security of America above personal gain.  He might risk it for ego, but I don’t think he can be bought.

Under Hillary, America’s safety, security, national secrets, are all for sale to the highest bidder.

This may be normal for a Hillary supporter like Ezra Klein, who has excused all of her other previous scandals.  It is not normal for me.

ShotSpotter still a crappy tool for crime detection.

The system has developed somewhat of a polarizing reputation. Some critics have raised privacy and “Big Brother” concerns; others question whether the technology creates false alarms that police waste time addressing. The Broward Sheriff’s Office previously ended a pilot program due to questions about cost, accuracy and efficacy — it didn’t help crack cases. Miami’s own data showed that only about one in four ShotSpotter alerts resulted in a documented crime scene after one year, findings that aren’t atypical.

Source: Gunfire sensors capture 8,280 bullets fired in one year in Miami neighborhoods | Miami Herald

Let’s put it this way: a 75% failure rate of its intended job. The article shows the results of three of the most crime-ridden areas of the City of Miami:  Liberty City, Little Haiti and Overtown. If you are familiar with the TV Show “The First 48” these names should be familiar.

spotshooter locations

But let’s waste money on electronic magical thinking rather than tackle the real socioeconomic problems of this areas.


You don’t say…

The author holding an American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees for Hillary sign.

Back in Tallahassee, I stood with former Mayor John Marks when he signed on as a mayor against illegal guns that evolved into Moms Demand Action. My Democratic friend Roy Blondeau and I are hoping that our city and county commissioners will take a common sense approach to ending gun violence.

Source: An emotional Wednesday night

But, was not Moms Demand Action a “grassroots” organization that came out from a Stay-At-Home mom named Shannon Watts? I mean we were always told it had noting to do with Billionare Michael Bloomberg until they got together much after and he was moved by the holy work of these poor moms.

The problem with lying is that somebody will eventually let the truth escape.

The profile of wounding in civilian public mass shooting fatalities: Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery

Via Active Response Training

With 100% agreement between reviewers, only 9 of the analyzed 125 fatalities (excluding the 14 without detailed autopsy data) were found to be potentially survivable, yielding a potentially survivable wound rate of 7% (Table 2). There was near-equal distribution between shotgun and handgun wounds in this group and no wounds caused by high-velocity rifles. The most common potentially survivable injury was a gunshot/shotgun to the chest (89%), with autopsy reports showing no significant vascular or cardiac injury and only small hemothorax.

Source: The profile of wounding in civilian public mass shooting fat… : Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery

Must read.

Does this mean external hemorrhage control for civilians is unimportant? Emphatically no! Tourniquets and simple hemorrhage control measures most definitely have a role in improving survival but should no longer be a myopic focus of first responder and public.

Basically, tourniquets are good, chest seals are gooder.

What you should train for:

Per TECC, in addition to immediate patient access and external hemorrhage control (direct pressure, tourniquets, and hemostatic agents), immediate medical care in the wake of a CPMS must include strategies to prevent further injury to the wounded, simple airway management, recognition and management of declining respiratory function as a result of penetrating trauma to the chest, proper positioning of the casualty, efficient movement of the casualty, and prevention of hypothermia.

The old ABC (Airway, Breathing and Circulation) is still valid. I saw not too long ago some article discrediting “The Golden Hour” and basically any emergency training in civilian shootings because the easier and faster access to emergency medical care in the cities. I found that not only stupid but dangerous because your particular FD may have in average a fast response time, it does not mean that will be the response time on the incident you are involved. Murphy Lives.


And what I like a lot about this report is their acknowledgement of limited data access and needing to go deeper. And the conclusion is proof once again that what is done in the military does not necessarily translate to civilian life

We found that the overall wounding pattern and the fatal wounding pattern following civilian active shooter events differ from combat injuries. There were no deaths from exsanguinating extremity wounds. As such, we discourage the current myopic focus on hemorrhage control for civilians. Instead, we urge that the tenets of civilian-based TECC be implemented across the entire prehospital trauma spectrum, and we further recommend studying this strategy to affirm its benefit.

chest seal

But still: Military First Aid training beats no training at all!


The Great Unraveling


There were anti-cop protests at the DNC.

Black Lives Matter are blocking traffic on the highways.

The shooter in Dallas made it clear that he did what he did because he wanted to kill white people.

Since Dallas, there have been several other shootings of police officers, including the ambush of three cops in Baton Rouge.

President Obama has taken to the bully pulpit and making it clear that America and American law enforcement in particular is still steeped in racism.

I know that Americans are struggling right now with what we’ve witnessed over the past week. First, the shootings in Minnesota and Baton Rouge, the protests. Then the targeting of police by the shooter here, an act not just of demented violence, but of racial hatred.

Hillary Clinton responded to the Dallas shooting by indicting white America.

HRC Race

The media has gone all in on trashing white people for the state of the nation.  The Huffington Post was disappointed that Obama did not use harsher language to condemn white people.  Salon has decreed that white people are fragile cowards for not wanting show complete deference to people who want to beat whites over the head with the accusation of racism.  Mic published a completely irresponsible and erroneous article titled 23 Everyday Actions Punishable by Death if You’re Black in America  which has been turned into a celebrity PSA.  Then the media wonders why race relations are getting worse.

Last year and into the beginning of this year, we saw protests across the country on college campuses driven by sensationalized rhetoric about race, micro-agressions, and hate crime hoaxes.  These protests have done real damage.  Deans and college presidents have stepped down or lost jobs.  Enrollment is down and schools are facing budget shortfalls because of it.

The language of racial animus is getting worse.  During a debate competition at Harvard, two students aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement openly advocated for white genocide.

This tactic of using racism to win sanctioned debates is going mainstream and is winning.  The same media outlets are telling us that this is a good thing for academic debate because traditional standards of debate are racist and favor white privilege.

Elite elementary schools in New York have begun to reintroduce segregation into the classroom, with different classes specific to different races of students.  Black Lives Matter tried to reintroduce segregation into the Nashville Public Library system, and protested when they were stopped from doing that.

Elements of Social Justice have perverted the English language by pushing the idea the racism is not hatred due to race, but that “racism = power + prejudiced.”  Essentially, this says that a person can’t be “racist” regardless of their beliefs, if they are underprivileged, i.e. minorities can’t be racist.  This twisting of logic and human decency was legitimized on CNN when this position was taken in defense of Black Lives Matter by activist Marc Lamont Hill and nobody challenged him on it.


I am not going to say that race relations are peachy-keen, or that there is no racism in America anymore.  Of course there is.  Have there been bad shoots by police in which black men have been the victim.  Yes.

However, what we are seeing is not a movement to address these individual acts, but a deliberate and aggressive move to exacerbate rate relations.

One of the first things that relationship counselors tell couples is to stop dredging up past, in many year old, slights or disagreements.  All that does is make each side defensive and resentful.  One of the oldest and most important values in the Judeo-Christian tradition, and one translated into the Western cannon of law, is “Fathers shall not be put to death for their sons, nor shall sons be put to death for their fathers; everyone shall be put to death for his own sin.”  So much of the Social Justice/Black Lives Matter movement is: white people today should be made to feel guilty and pay for the sins of racism committed by other white people against other black people far away and decades ago.

This is the “white fragility” that the SocJus media lives to push.  It is simply white people not wanting to get blamed for age old racism they took no part in and the desire not to be cornered and mau-maued for it.  It is not fragility to want to avoid an unwinnable argument.  Yet even calling it “white fragility” is a tool to imply that white people are weak.

And because of one sided nature of this argument in the modern political climate – where in whites are racist for even defending themselves from being called racist – the Left can claim all the way from academia to click-bait that America is no better today then when Jim Crow, or even slavery, was a reality.  This is both intellectually and morally dishonest.

The Far Left has used identity politics to fill its ranks.  Big Government has always been able to generate support for whatever evil machinations is has by telling one group another group is to blame for their problems and should be punished:

The German people would be wealthier but for the Jews and Communists.  The Russian people would be better off but for the Jews, Ukrainians, and Czarists.  The Italian Trains would run on time if Italy didn’t have Slovenes.  

Of course none of that was accurate, but it really doesn’t matter.  The point was to use ethnic differences – identity politics – to drive people to support the powers that be.

The modern American Democrat party has used this tactic ingeniously with the target of ridicule being Republicans/Conservatives.  But recently this train has gone off the tracks.  The fire of inter-group hatred that the left has stoked has reached California-in-drought-conditions-wildfire levels.  They have created a beast they cannot feed.

Black Lives Matter, a group the DNC has put on the dais, is trying to shut down the DNC convention.  The left has gone full Bull Connor and segregating people in public.

Now that the DNC has ordained that Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic Candidate for President, the black community that the DNC relies upon as a voting block has come out against Hilary.

Now the DNC is preaching unity, but the people aren’t buying it.  They have divided and identity politiced themselves into a position they can’t get out of.

Had only they listened to the great President Theodore Roosevelt, when in a speech to the Knights of Columbus in New York on Oct. 12, 1915, he said:

There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism…. The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.