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U.S.A. not the safest country in the world?

I got “asked” this question via Twitter:

why us not safest country world-horz

This is what happens when the quality of teaching at schools of levels becomes just a mush of the latest PC rage and history is just a hash of “Let’s Blame the West.”

I want you to think about the following events of the 20th Century:

Armenian Genocide: Turks kill about 1.5 million Christian Armenians.
Ukraine Famine & assorted purges: Russians kill close to 20 million people, 7 million alone Ukrainians
WWII Germans kill 10 million Jews and other undesirables.
Mao’s Great Leap Forward accounted for 45 million deaths. The Cultural revolution might have been as bad.
Pol Pot’s Year Zero: About 2 million.

Now think back (or search if you are young) about all the regional conflicts that did not reach seven figures worth of casualties. You have Nanking pre WWII where the Japanese erased 300,000 Chinese from the city and even make it a sport. You have the Serbs and the Croats exterminating each other in WWII and then again in the 1990s (They actually have been killing each other since the 15th Century), Israel Vs Arab Countries, Biafra, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia and countless other African dust-offs. Brits versus Irish for Northern Ireland. Guatemala’s genocide against the Mayans. And my “favorite”: The independence of India and the creation of Pakistan that led to over a million deaths… but you never hear about this triumph of non-violence.

That is scary shit, the stuff of nightmares. If we add all, we are talking about 100 million non-combatant deaths during the 20th.  Now think of this:

Every single nationality and race mentioned above lived and lives in the United States.

Got it? Do I need to use crayons to point out the obvious? None of those rivalries, some dating centuries and even millennia, dare to bring that to the US. And yes, our laws and type of government have an influence, but make no mistake: the ability for any group to being able to arm themselves makes their traditional enemies think twice about pull on some old country killing over here. Like the old gunnie saying goes, it is Peace through Superior Firepower. You don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you. Or my favorite from Massad Ayoob: Hunting ain’t fun when the bunny shoots back. 

So Yes Sonia. You live in a very safe country. 100% safe? There is no such thing in the world no matter what kind of BS Gun Control Advocates try to sell.

UPDATE: Apparently Sonia did not like this post.

Sonia Prince

Oh well. 😀



And now you are in jail.

DGEWOOD, Md. (WBFF) – An Edgewood man has been sentenced to nearly three-and-a-half years in prison for possessing an unregistered firearm silencer…

..On June 22, ATF agents executed a search warrant at Candelario’s Edgewood home. There, they recovered items used to make firearms and silencers, including a drill press and other tools, boxes of AR-15 lower receivers, AR-15 magazines and rifle sights with boxes and a fuel filter with an adapter used to assemble silencers.

Source: Edgewood man sentenced to prison, admits to illegally manufacturing firearms | WBFF

Notice that the poor sod only gets nailed by the silencer charge. This is a reminder that ATF has zero sense of humor and the smallest thing will get you a nice time in prison. How small? This small:

adapter oil silencer

A simple pipe adapter that has many other uses, but attached to your firearm suddenly becomes the stuff of federal indictments.

It is just a reminder that in this day and age, you do not need Mens Rea to end up facing a Federal Judge. Just the presence of certain items is enough with the government to screw with your life forever. Never forget that the average citizen unwillingly commits Three Felonies a Day.

Being paranoid does not mean they are not after you.



The Forest Whitaker Eye:

I saw a comment about the first in Facebook and I could not believe it. I went to their site and it was actually worse.

vegan 2

Er… I have no words.

vegan 1

Dear Jesus in platform shoes. How can these people breathe without written instructions? They have no idea how food get to their tables! I am willing to bet that they think tofu grow on trees and comes already packed.



Hat Tip Chad G.

On Nykea Aldridge

On Saturday, 8/27/2016, NBA Star Dwyane Wade’s cousin, Nykea Aldridge was killed in a shooting in Chicago.  She was one of nine people killed, with 40 more wounded, in shootings in the Windy City this weekend.

Moms Demand Action posted this on their Facebook Page:


The Tweet they are referring to was this one from Dwyane Wade:


This is a man in mourning, so I don’t want to be overly critical, but his cousin was not killed for “NO REASON.”  True, she was not targeted in any way, and her death is tragic and senseless, but there is a reason that she was killed.

A cultural rot at the heart of Chicago’s predominantly poor and black south side.   This interactive map gives you an idea of the danger zones in Chicago.

So what cultural rot am I talking about?  The two men that shot Nykea Aldridge were known gang members.  Both had previous felony conviction, one was on parole and the other had been wearing an ankle monitor at the time of the shooting.  It should be crystal clear, that these men where both prohibited persons and could not lawfully possess guns or have been issued FOIDs.

Chicago has some of the worst gang culture and gang violence in the country.  This is in part fueled by a black unemployment rate that is one of the worst in the country for metropolitan areas, with a staggering 47% of young black males neither working or in school.  Illinois’ welfare policy encourages single mothers not to work perpetuating a cycle of unemployment and poverty.

The animosity between this community and police is both horrifying and protects criminals.  Young men harass the police who try to solve these murders  and treat black cops as race traitors.

(I can talk all day about the abuses of the Chicago PD, but if a community won’t even let the police try to solve the murders in their area, all hope is lost)

Stop Snitchin’ (available on YouTube) may have gained national notoriety in Baltimore, but believe me, as a former resident of the area, it alive and well (and heavily enforced) in Chicago.

The Chicago political machine is more than complicit in these murders and the deterioration of the City as city elected officials and politicians rely on gangs to “get out the vote” to keep them elected.

All of this leads to deadly spiral of calamity and is the root cause of why Nykea Aldridge was killed.

If Dwyane Wayde really wants to make a difference like his Twitter feed suggests:

dwyane 2


This is what needs to be addressed.

I’m afraid (call me skeptical) that this will turn into just another anti-gun push by a celebrity.  That will be just another useless, worthless, platitude that won’t stop another pair of prohibited persons from obtaining an illegal firearm and opening fire for whatever gang related reason they have.

A little more to it

Moms Demand Action reposed this news story over at their Facebook Page.

Raw Story

Look at how it is framed. This guy, with an AR and body armor, wanted to go on a rampage to protect the Second Amendment.  He must have been one of those awful NRA members right?  We all know how often pro-2A terrorism occurs, don’t we (hint: never).

I went to the article and had a read.

Bryce Cuellar, 24, was arrested by Las Vegas police after they were notified by Interpol in July about Cuellar’s video.  In the video, Cuellar stated that he is tired of the government trying to take away his First and Second Amendment rights and planned to go on a killing spree.

Uh oh.  This isn’t good.  This is the kind of Timothy McVeigh/Turner Diaries talk that the left likes to claim is said behind closed doors at NRA meetings and Tea Party rallies.  This one of those dangerous gun owning “insurrectionists” that MDA and Everytown warn against.

Calling himself a “Christian warrior,” Cuellar bragged that he would use his weapons as the Founding Fathers intended, killing,” gays, faggots, lesbians and satanists.”

Now I’ve read the Constitution of the United States, many of the Federalist Papers, the Silence Dogood letters, and a lot of the personal correspondence of our Founding Fathers in which they explained the principles they held (Jefferson’s are quite good).  I don’t seem to remember any mention of “killing faggots or satanists” in any of those texts.  We’re drifting away from strict Constitutional interpretation here.  We’ve left behind the 1st Amendment, which protects Satanists, and have grossly misinterpreted the 2nd Amendment.  I’m not thinking this guy is really a gun-rights and free speech advocate.

A review of Cuellar’s YouTube page reveal a collection of conspiracy-minded videos including ones that question what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, support for the Bundy family’s war on the government, the threat of the Illuminati  and proof that angels and demons are real. Investigators say the timeline of his videos suggest that he has sunk deeper in the world of conspiracy mongering over the past three years.

Now this is starting to make sense.  As it turns out, this guy is – and I am being technical here – batshit crazy.

Following his arrest, Cuellar admitted to making the video but said that he was “angry and drunk” at the time, and has no intention of murdering anyone.  Despite that, Cuellar is being held on $100,000 bail and has been admitted for a psychological evaluation.  The Las Vegas man’s next hearing is scheduled for Sept. 1.

And there we go.  Cuellar is headed to a padded room.

I hopped over to this guy’s YouTube channel.  It is a treasure trove of insanity.  The Illuminati are using the CIA to brainwash us, dinosaurs are real, Noah’s Ark has been found and Obama is covering it up, Oprah is a shape shifter, Aliens and Demons have taken over the US government, and ONE video on the 2nd Amendment.

I was doing a bit more on research on this story and found out it was covered by the NY Daily News.  Unbelievably, the NY Daily News actually had a more honest headline:

Prominent conspiracy theorist charged with threatening a terror attack against gays

A little less “it’s all about the 2A” and a little more “this guy’s a homophobic nut job.”  And this is coming from a newspaper that did several covers claiming that the NRA and Wayne LaPierre were terrorists.

Pro Tip: When the NY Daily News is more honest about guns then your news source, you fucked up.

Turns out, the NY Daily News also has better reporting than the MDA’s news feed.

He told officers that he “screwed up” by shooting and posting the video when he was drunk and angry.  Cuellar was also arrested the same night for punching his wife, choking her and telling her he was going to kill her, according to KTNV.  He is currently serving four months in jail for domestic battery in that case.

Oh shit!  He’s a domestic abuser.  He’s now a prohibited person according to the Lautenberg Amendment.  I’m totally fine with this guy losing his gun rights.  He made threats, beat his wife, and is (mostly likely) about to be adjudicated mentally ill.  I don’t believe it is unreasonable for a guy this nuts with a conviction for domestic violence to denied firearms.  It’s the law.  I’m glad they caught him before he want all Jared Lee Loughner or Adam Lanza on a group of people.

Funny (not really) how Moms Demand Action skipped over the details about this guy being a crazy wife beater and when straight for the “this guy was going to go on a rampage because he’s a pro 2A gun nut.”

Many of the comments on MDA’s Facebook page reflected this total abandonment of truth in favor of political prejudice.

raw story 4

Not afraid of ISIL but this dude?  Didn’t some ISIS supporting Middle Eastern Jihadi kill 49 people and wound 50 more at a guy night club back in June?  I guess Barbra Lockwood and her 15 supporters were real quick to forget about that act of terrorism because it wasn’t committed by a NRA loving white guy.  Why let truth get in the way of a good virtue signaling post.

raw story 3

Really, this isn’t a case of mental illness?  An angry drunk with a history of violence and believing in conspiracy theories got his way because… I kind of lost track of his argument.  Bullets more useful thank books?  What?

Raw Story 2

Because “how the Illuminati and the CIA are using fast food to brainwash you” is a regular column in American Rifleman.  “Although I don’t listen to them I believe” = “I have no evidence but my prejudiced tells me.”


I don’t think you would find a single NRA member that believes a person with a domestic violence conviction qualifies as a “good guy with a gun.”  Taking a peek at Mr. Jenkins’ Facebook Page, it’s obvious he’s an ardent leftist, who hates Republicans, gun owners, and white people.  So like any good leftist, his fellow countrymen with whom he disagrees politically must be tortured at Gitmo; actual radical Islamist terrorist, not so much.

I didn’t see one person actually bring up that a Domestic Violence conviction or  judge ordered involuntary commitment to a mental institution are both disqualifying events for firearms ownership.

Like Miguel often says: if your cause is righteous, why lie?