Month: April 2022

I’m going to build an Arc


I feel like God rained fire and brimstone down on Sodom and Gomorrah for less than this.

I used the word evil a lot to describe things.

This is wickedness.

True biblical wickedness.

That one boy who wants his parents to take down the photos of younger him because it reminds him of being a boy, there is something clearly wrong with him that isn’t gender dysphoria.  To obliterate the existence of his pre-transition existence is deeply disturbing.

Seeing this proves to me that Satan is real and has influence in this world, and kind of makes me hope for God’s vengeful wrath to fix it.

I’m going to start building and Arc.

If it doesn’t start flooding soon, we’re going to have to chippering a lot of people.


Another example of why bleeding control needs to be added to your EDC


Here is a news story that gives more details of the incident:


Good on the civilians who stopped to help.

What troubles me is the officer who showed up and give directions but didn’t jump in to put on the tourniquet.  One would think that police officers would have training on that since they are more likely to need to deal with bleeding control.

When seconds count, you shouldn’t have to ask “does anyone have a tourniquet” you should have one on you or know you have one nearby.


The last Jurassic Park movie is some serious bullsh*t (mine would be better)

The Algorithm got me.

I was hit with the trailer for Jurrasic World: Dominion as the ad in another video I was watching.


This is the sort of utter horse-shit premise that can only come from soft-handed Hollywood writers who have never left the urban landscape of NYC and LA.

Our paleolithic ancestors wiped out most of the megafauna on this planet with sharpened sticks and stone tools.  Despite the presence of other horribly voracious carnivores, bears, wolves, tigers, lions, jackals, hyenas, etc., we have succeeded on every acre of landmass that we set foot on.  Again, armed with little more than stone tools and sharpened sticks.

The idea that a bunch of dinosaurs poses an existential threat to humanity is fucking stupid.

The reason the first Jurassic Park was so scary is that a handful of humans was trapped in the dinosaurs’ world.  The entire cast on the island was ten humans surrounded by hundreds of dinosaurs and only one SPAS12 between them.

Now flip the story.  A few hundred carnivorous dinosaurs let loose on a planet of 7 billion humans who have hunted our predators to near extinction and then put the rest into zoos or preserves so we can look at them from a position of safety.  It’s the dinosaurs who should be afraid.

If a T-Rex or a pack of velociraptors was really a threat to the local population, hunters would be paying fees to wipe them out like feral hogs in Texas.

Arguably, that would be encouraged – at least in Red states – as the biggest threat the dinosaurs would pose would not be to humans but to the local fauna, e.g., carnivorous dinosaurs wiping out the wild elk or bison population.  Smart states would be encouraging the hunting of dinosaurs as an invasive species, to protect the native species, the way Florida encourages python hunts.

As for one helicopter chasing a T-rex in rural America?  As soon as the first T-rex or velociraptor posed a threat to humans in Ruraltown, USA, every red-blooded gun owner would put in for a 577 T-rex, 600 Overkill, 50 BMG, 950 JDJ, or a 20MM to go T-rex killing.

The very premise of this movie is only plausible to the most cloistered of urban jungle city dwellers who do not understand hunters, Red states, or nature.

If I were going to do a Jurassic Park movie that falls on the heels of the terrible Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom, where dinosaurs are released into the wild of North America, here is what I would do.

Cattle ranchers in Colorado, Utah, or somewhere like that.  Their herd is getting massacred but it’s not wolves or the usual livestock predators.  It’s dinosaurs.  Now you have a small cast, maybe a dozen ranchers and cowboys.  They are in a remote location so help is not feasible.  They have an incentive, self-preservation and protection of the herd.  They can be outnumbered by dinosaurs.  They are armed, but perhaps not sufficiently for the largest of the carnivore species, e.g., a 30-30 may be enough for a velociraptor but not a T-rex.

This is not “lots of stupid and incompetent people get eaten.”  This is “a handful of people who are familiar with the land and how to survive are suddenly met with a species of predator that is far smarter and more destructive than what they are used to.”

This gives much more of the feeling of the first Jurrasic Park movie, with a bit of Jaws in the beginning, and perhaps some elements of The Grey and The Edge (both excellent man vs. predator in the wilderness survival movies) and is much more character-oriented.

Then again, I’m not a screenwriter who has never seen nature outside of the Central Park or the San Diego Safari Park.


Remember that recent carjacking in NYC?

Posted about this just yesterday.

The attacker was found and arrested. Guess what happened next?

A Bronx man who was caught on video brutally beating up a motorist with what appeared to be knuckle-dusters after a car crash was given only misdemeanor charges and let go under new bail laws, the Post has learned.

Miquiel Guerrero, 23, was released on his own recognizance six days after he and five friends allegedly ganged up on a 53-year-old driver – with Guerrero using the metal object to punch the victim in the head and body multiple times, a spokeswoman for the Bronx District Attorney’s office confirmed.

Guerrero had been arrested on a felony robbery charge for the March 30 incident in the Concourse neighborhood, but was arraigned April 5 on three misdemeanors and a violation, according to the criminal complaint against him.

Bronx man seen in video beating motorist is set free: DA (

Never forget, this whole thing is not an accident but designed to be a way to control the population: If you are afraid to move around and have a normal life, you do not have time to be active against the government that promised to fix things. A behavioral cage to keep you in check.

The saddest part? They keep voting for the same Social engineers/politicians.

And in “F*** Fauci and the CDC” News…

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (R) has signed a bill that makes ivermectin, an antiviral drug that has been found to be an effective early treatment for COVID-19, available in the state without a prescription.

Lee signed SB 2188, approved by the State Senate, 66-20, and the State House, 22-6, which authorizes a pharmacist to provide ivermectin to patients 18 years of age or older, “pursuant to a valid collaborative pharmacy practice agreement containing a non-patient-specific prescriptive order and standardized procedures developed and executed by one or more authorized prescribers.”

Liberty Counsel, a Christian ministry and litigation firm, noted about the legislation:

That means that adults can explain their symptoms to the pharmacist, fill out a sheet listing any preexisting conditions and other medications they are taking, and the pharmacist can determine the right dosage.
According to the website, 82 studies from 815 scientists, involving 129,808 patients in 27 countries, have shown statistically significant improvement when ivermectin is used to treat COVID-19 in “mortality, ventilation, ICU, hospitalization, recovery, cases, and viral clearance.”

Ivermectin Effective for Early Treatment of COVID-19 Now Easily Accessible in Tennessee Without Prescription – Tennessee Star

And they should add other meds. The idea I have to lose time and pay a doctor in order to get something as silly (but important) like antibiotics, is plain dumb. Back in Venezuela (when they actually had medicines) most medications were over the counter. You got a prescription in paper because the doctor worried you’d forgot and request the wrong medication or dosage. Narcotics however were restricted and you needed to get a “purple” prescription which had watermarks and had individual serial numbers per page assigned to the doctor. Our home always had a supply of Ampicillin, Carbagal (which was an antidiarrheic with atropine) and an antiparasitic which we regularly gave to our dogs besides whatever regular medication my folks would take as per doctor’s orders. Nothing required an order from a medical practitioner to be dispensed.

I believe that the excuse of people overusing a medication are overblown. Yes, some idiots will do it, but that should not last long as it will correct itself soon enough via Darwin’s Consequences. This “overprotection” of my body and health is simply not warranted and very possibly just a business deal for the pharmaceutical and medical community. How many medications you know started prescription only and now are available over the counter?

Malls are just a watering hole where roaming predators go hunting

Alongside Night Clubs and “Hooka Bars”, malls have become a place where violence is the rule rather than the exception. My fear is that the predators start showing up early to pick on the Senior walkers, common in the early hours. Possible easy pickings that they can’t let go by. Hopefully they will still be in bed after a long night of crime.