Month: April 2022

To those cheering about the Student Loan Forgiveness Plan.

We are now in an era that all you do publicly (and somewhat private) will be filed for future reference. Taking a loan and not paying it yourself, will be taken in consideration in future commercial and economical deals you may have in your future.

Mind you, those making the loans will be glad to take the Taxpayers’ money and clear that account, but you will be forever tagged as a deadbeat.

Why pitbull attacks are so terrible

I have covered a number of pitbull attacks.

One consistent theme is just how terrible they are and how often the result in amputation or multiple amputations.

A graphic video from Columbia shows why this is the case.


The bite force of a pitbull is about 240 PSI, which is enough to crush cortical bone.

More than that, the issue is how the pitbull attacks.

The way the pitbull latches on and thrashes about tears muscle from bone and shreds the muscle.

The damage is so severe that there is no way to repair the degloved tissue and amputation is the only recourse.

Other dogs bite.

Pitbulls destroy soft tissue.

This is why I continue to hammer this point.

It’s the same reason I do repeated posts on one punch fatalities.

The enormity of a pitbull attack must be understood and the threat taken seriously.

If I see a loose pit bull I’m going to shoot it


A South Carolina mom who had both her arms amputated after being savagely mauled by three pit bulls has received the devastating news that she won’t be able to get prosthetic limbs due to the severity of her wounds.

Kyleen Waltman, 39, was critically injured when she was attacked by the dogs on a sidewalk in Honea Path northwest of Columbia on March 21.

“We thought her right shoulder was going to be good and they were able to fit it with a prosthetic, well yesterday they found an infection in the bone and had to remove more of the bone,” Amy wrote.

“So now she will not be able to have regular prosthetics on either shoulder,” she wrote.

She said her family would be going to court Thursday for the appearance of the dogs’ owner, Justin Minor, who faces three misdemeanor charges of owning a dangerous animal that attacked and injured a human, rabies control violation and dangerous animal not permitted beyond premises unless restrained.

“It could’ve been prevented,” Wynne has said. “If the dogs were locked up or if the dogs were chained up, or if they were never there to begin with, this would’ve never happened.”

A shoulder level amputation is one of the most traumatic surgeries a person can undergo.

This woman had bilateral shoulder level amputations.

She’s 38 years old and a mother of three, and now will spend the rest of her life without arms.

Imagine being the mother if three children and never being able to help them get dressed or brush their teeth or cook them a meal or hug them ever again.

I think I’d rather let sepsis set in and take me.

According to previous news reports:

Kyleen Waltman, 38-year-old mother of three, was attacked by the dogs about 10:30 a.m. Monday in Honea Path, her sister, Sheena Green, told WYFF News 4.

“This is the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen,” Kyleen’s sister Amy Wynne said.

She said a man found Waltman in a ditch still being attacked.

Green said the man had to go get a gun and shoot it in the air to get the dogs off of Waltman.

The owner in this case is a piece of shit, but a $5,000 fine and 36 months in jail wasn’t enough of a deterrent to keep him from owning these dogs.

I keep saying it, I see a pit bull off its lead, I’m not going to shoot a gun into the air and scare it off.  I’m going to put a bullet right through its center of mass and finish it off.

This puts me in a “Vaxxers to the wall” mood


A 15-year-old boy who was initially targeted by a false rumor that he was unvaccinated was bullied relentlessly until he took his own life in January, a lawsuit claims.

The suit filed Monday against the Latin School of Chicago alleges administrators at the private college prep school — which charges more than $40,000 annually in tuition — committed “willful failure” to stop the incessant bullying, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The teen was also cyberbullied on Snapchat, where another student urged him to kill himself in mid-December, the suit claims.

Nate met with a school administrator at that point, but none of the students involved in the cyberbullying were disciplined, his parents allege.

Nate’s mother contacted the school more than 30 times in October and November alone, but administrators allegedly turned a “blind eye” to the family’s pleas for help. The teen also reported the bullying to a school dean, but was disregarded, according to the lawsuit.

The boy’s parents are suing.

They are stronger people than I am.

I would be stacking bodies and eliminating bloodlines.

There is a special place in hell for those that turned getting a shot into something that would make people do this, and I’m more than happy to send them there.

The Biden Administration is a success



Just not the success that the American people wanted.

Next time, maybe we shouldn’t elect a guy who gets 10% of the kickbacks his son gets from CCP owned business.