Month: August 2022

If you have a 3D printer, don’t be a douche

I hate 3D printed guns.

You have the right to do it.  I won’t argue that.

I’m just a materials engineer who worked in the defense industry and your PLA lower is a piece of shit compared to a proper 30% glass filled poly-amide.

If you want to do it as a hobby, fine.  Everything we used 3D printed parts for was a prototype.

But I digress.

I’m currently engaged in a Twitter spat with the asshole wing of the 3D printed crowed.

The guys who print auto sears and cans and shit.

They are the ideological fundamentalists of the 3D printer movement and these are the douche bags that will ruin it for the rest of us.

The 3D printer version of the dick-bags in Florida who just had to open carry a roided out AR, dipped in a bucket of TAPCO, when fishing, just fucking because.

Remember, they didn’t get open carry legal in Florida, they got rifles in public banned.

These numb-nuts are going to do the same fucking thing.

Douches: “Imma 3D print whatever the fuck I want. Be un-governable.” Prints felonies

ATF: “Fine, you all lose all your rights. Suck big fat government cock!  Also, since you printed auto conversion end plates for your Glock, Glocks are now controlled like open bolt semi-autos.  Fuck you!”

They are poking the bear and that bear will maul all of us.


The pushback is coming to the classroom

This definitely falls into the category of “shit that I thought everyone should understand and didn’t have to be said out loud.”

LGBTQ+ Pride flags removed from classrooms at Madison City Schools



Faculty members and students in the Madison City School district (MCS) are speaking out after teachers were told to take down their LGBTQ+ Pride flags.

At the end of the school day on Friday, teachers in some of the schools were instructed by the superintendent to remove the Pride flag from their classrooms.

Students tell News 19 that seeing the flag let them know that the school was a safe haven for them. The school, they said, was one of the few places where they could be themselves. One student said that they were confused by MCS’s actions to remove the flag from the schools regardless of the reasons given.

“By taking the flag down, they inadvertently made a stance on their opinions on gay rights,” the student said. “Even if they say it is just policy, they’ve [put] themselves on the side that they believe in, and that side is homophobia.”

The superintendent of Madison City Schools released a statement, suggesting that the flag represented a political stance by a teacher:

We have recently responded to inappropriate display of flags and symbols in classrooms representing personal viewpoints of teachers and staff unrelated to the class curriculum.

As school administrators, we must maintain a position of neutrality on political issues and not impose a teacher’s personal views and beliefs on our students through such displays in the classroom. For that reason, flags and banners other than the American or Alabama state flag, or other flags appropriate to the curriculum in a particular class, are not to be displayed in our schools by faculty and staff. Allowing teachers and staff to display flags on school grounds with respect to political, religious, or cultural issues may create an environment of exclusion for some students who hold different viewpoints on sexuality, religion, or politics.

This is true regardless of the political viewpoint expressed.

For every teacher allowed to display flags in the classroom to express a personal viewpoint in favor of a certain political or cultural position, the district could be faced with a teacher who would express an opposing viewpoint with equal vigor. Such displays, on either side, are not in the interests of providing an open and welcoming environment for all.

All Madison City Schools classrooms must be welcoming to students regardless of their religious affiliation, or political or sexual orientation. All Madison City Schools classrooms must be presented as safe places for all students.

Of course we recognize that faculty and staff hold varying viewpoints on such issues. While we expect all faculty and staff to exhibit appropriate professional neutrality within the context of the school and classroom environment, we also recognize each person’s freedom of speech and expression in their personal lives and in their personal expression exercised away from school. Madison City Schools has always celebrated diversity and they will continue to do so.


This is the correct position.

The personal political beliefs of teachers do not belong in the classroom.

Alabama is still a Red state. Even Madison. What if a teacher had a bunch of pro life decorations?  Do you think the students would defend that?  Or would they complain that the teacher’s political statement was threatening them?

That’s what neutrality is important.

As for that one kid’s statement.  If by homophobia he means I take the position: “I don’t care who you fuck but keep it in your bedroom, you don’t need to fly a flag that says you love dick.” Then yes, I’m on the side of homophobia.

I aggressively hate what Pride has metastasized into.

I don’t really care about your sexually.  Although I do reserve the right to judge your behavior, e.g., the wing of gay culture that is spreading monkeypox like wildfire through absolute libertine sexual irresponsibility.

But Pride openly celebrates a person’s sexual desires over personality as identity politics.  You’re proud, not because you accomplished anything, but because you like to fuck other people of the same sex.

I reject that.

Pride went overboard and now it’s being pushed back in Madison, Alabama.

It was pushed back in Florida.

It will be pushed back in other Red states.

It deserves to be.

Social media likes make people stupid

This hit my news feed for reasons I can’t fathom.

‘To the girls that ran out and didn’t pay their tab…’: Restaurant worker gets payback on customers who didn’t pay tab but forgot their glasses

A restaurant worker shared the revenge she exacted on a table that walked out on their tab but left behind a pair of glasses.

TikToker Jessica Guevara (@jurassicah) includes a message “to the girls” who left the establishment without paying and shows what happened to their spectacles as a result in a TikTok that was viewed over 260,000 times.

Guevara says in the video, as the restaurant’s music booms in the background: “To the girls that ran out and didn’t pay their tab.”

“You left your glasses, bitch,” she adds, holding up a pair of glasses. She then slams the glasses on the floor and steps on them, snapping them into two pieces. She continues to stomp on them, crushing at least one of the lenses.

Her revenge against the tab-dodger sparked a litany of different reactions from TikTokers. Some remarked that the cost of the patron’s glasses were probably well over double the amount of her tab, but nevertheless supported the worker. “Girl glasses are like $300 omg my soul. But go you,” one said.

This estimate is accurate. According to, the average cost of a pair of women’s glasses, without insurance, which includes frames and lenses is $351.

God damn people are fucking stupid.

Especially when gunning for likes and clicks on social media.

The girls ran out on a $125 tab.

The server smashed $350 in glasses.

IANAL, but some quick internet sleuthing shows that running out on a restaurant bill is considered theft and can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the value and the location.

Same with willful destruction of property.

So we have two parties who now committed crimes against one another.

My suggestion would have been to hold onto the glasses and return them when the bill is paid.

But that doesn’t make for a very good revenge video for TikTok likes.

Because people are fucking stupid on social media.

I hope all the girls get into legal trouble for this to teach them all a lesson on not being fucking garbage people.

Unequal application of the law is tyranny


Leftist rioters took over a public street and started shooting at drivers in cars who didn’t stop and accept the violence they were dishing out.

I have covered incidents like this before.  They were becoming frequent occurrences in 2020.

They were not prosecuted at the time.

In Aurora, Colorado, a protester who shot at a Jeep driving through a crowd hit and injured two other protesters but served no jail time despite felony convictions.

Now we have a fatality.

It too will not be prosecuted and punished because the protesters are Leftists and it’s Portland.

This only encourages more protesters to shoot at cars.

The unequal application of the law, that excuses or fails to punish this type of crim, puts Leftist criminals in charge of the streets.

It is a form of tyranny by outsourcing political violence from state actors to activists.

The point is to make you afraid of offending the Left because they will kill you and not suffer punishment for it.

What Censorship Looks Like

My family recently started watching The Big Bang Theory My wife hasn’t laughed this hard since she was watching reruns of Friends. My family has fun laughing at Sheldon while looking right at me as I have some of the same tendencies.

I stumbled upon an article in The Pudding that is a good insight to the sort of censorship that happens, often in a klutzy heavy handed way.

Just ask somebody that saw Salor Moon in Japan coming to American and hearing it is a children’s show. Censorship happens.

This article is from a person that was watching in China

I quickly became a fan of the sitcom when it was officially introduced in China on a video streaming website in 2011. But when I rewatched the show in 2022 on Youku, a Chinese video streaming website backed by e-commerce giant Alibaba, I couldn’t help but notice weird jumps, pauses, and disconnected canned laughter.

In 2014 streaming platforms in China received a notification from regulators:

imported American and British TV shows must be ‘reviewed and approved by officials before streaming to the public

The article has some neat graphics work in it to show what was cut and what wasn’t. It looks OK on mobile but better on a full screen.

Go read for an idea of what the Chinese government censors internally:
The Big [Censored] Theory

Miguel’s Hit and Run: “Just give them what they want”, right?

On my previous job, I had a client I had to visit not a block from this station. I stopped there several times for coffee, and it was a nice, well-kept location with none of the usual markers or zoology examples that could have tagged it as a dangerous spot populated by the scum of the earth.

The problem is you never know when murderers will come visit anyway.

Untitled design (61).jpg

SMYRNA, Tenn. (WTVF) — A gas station clerk is dead after being shot by a man Tuesday morning.

According to the Smyrna Police Department, officers responded to a report of an attempted armed robbery around 3 a.m. at a Shell Fuel Station on Stonecrest Blvd.

Police determined that a man entered the gas station, displayed a handgun and demanded money from the register. He then proceeded to shoot the clerk before fleeing the store.

Clerk killed in attempted robbery at a Shell gas station in Smyrna (

The only person who values your life is yourself. Defend it! Trust nobody. Carry all the time.