Month: August 2022

Held hostage to insanity

This is one of the craziest articles I’ve read.

Hyperwoke librarian at $60,000-a-year NYC private school who believes that gender is fake outrages parents with tweet saying ‘Burn straight white male librarianship to the ground’

Parents at a ritzy Manhattan private school are outraged by its ultra-woke librarian’s declaration that gender doesn’t exist – as well as a blood-curdling call for violence against her straight white male colleagues.

Ingrid Conley-Abrams, 43 – librarian at the Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School – landed in hot water in August after parents came across a 2015 of hers saying ‘Burn White Straight Male Librarianship to the Ground.’

‘If a student posted that they want to burn down or shoot up a library they would be expelled,’ one mother told The Post, ‘In addition she’s claiming that gender is fake and she [tweeted] that she wants to keep students from matriculating in the Ivy League. Are parents aware this is what they are paying almost $60,000 a year for?’

That mother was referring to a 2020 tweet in which the librarian wrote ‘Sadly, the students at my school only go on to Ivy League colleges so I’ve truly failed them with my queer, free-wheeling godless radical hotbed of a library. :(‘

Parents also said their children have talked about how the librarian was ‘forever pushing’ books about gender identity, including Ibraham Kendi’s Stamped (For Kids): Racism, Anti-Racism and You.

Conley-Abrams is known to visit in classrooms to teach, according to The Post, and even appeared on a 2020 panel titled Talking to Children about Anatomy, Gender, Sexuality, Puberty and Pregnancy geared at discussing the topics with pre-k through first graders.

‘Ingrid was introduced as a ‘gender expert’ on the panel, which was weird enough to begin with but is typical of what’s going down at New York City private schools,’ one mother said, ‘Why is a librarian also a ‘gender expert’? And why is there a panel about talking about gender and sex and pregnancy to four and five-year-olds?’

A Columbia mother told The Post the experience with Conley-Abrams was becoming emblematic of the situation in New York City schools, and parents who disapprove feel powerless to speak up.

‘It is really difficult for parents. They don’t want any of this. They want a school aligned with their family values.’

‘But if you speak up about this publicly your kid is likely to get kicked out of school and you and your husband could lose your job. It’s not fair.’

I’m not going to dunk on these parents, I feel bad for them.

New York City public schools are shitholes of Wokeness and violence.  The few NYC public magnet schools have also gone Woke so are now actively discriminating on the basis of race.

So what are parents who want the best for their children to do?

Private school.  That’s why private schools exist.

I went to one.  My parents sent me to a private parochial college prep school.

Part of that system is that the school is supposed to be responsive to the desires of the parents.

When a few of us kids wanted AP chemistry, our parents told the school and the school hired an AP chemistry teacher with a PhD in chemistry to teach us.  He also taught AP physics when we moved on to that level.

This school has inverted that model.

The parents are held hostage.

The school hires an insane Wokey who fills the library with pedophile grooming racist Wokeness, and when the parents complain they librarian and administration threatens the parents.

This is the ultimate weaponization of identity politics.

“You will give us $60k a year and will will teach your children garbage against your will, and if you complain we will destroy your reputation with accusations of bigotry.”

That’s effectively extortion.

I’ve gone from warning about violence to actively hoping for it.

I don’t see a peaceful solution to this.

This and That

At 0001 on 2022-08-24 (yesterday morning) the ATF’s new rules on building your own firearms went into effect. There were three big cases that were attempting to get an injunction to stop the rules from going into effect. Two were denied by the judges and one was granted in part but the final decision isn’t due until next week.

In addition to the new rules going into effect, they aren’t the same rules that were available for comments. Three days ago the ATF changed the new rules. The injunction to stop the rules from going into effect over that was also denied.

In Florida, Rebeka Jones was disqualified from running. Being a democrat she ran to the Courts and got them to overrule the law. She was on the primary and won. She will be running against Matt Gaetz.

Gun Owners of America brought suit to block the NY state law that makes places such as stadiums, hospitals and Times Square “sensitive locations” Gun rights group asks judge to block NY gun ban in Times Square, other ‘sensitive’ places

I hit a personal goal yesterday, 4 months ago I was at 330. Yesterday I weighed in at 298.5. I credit Miguel with being part of the reason I got the drive to do something about it. The changes I made were to go from a standard dinner plate to an 8in dinner plate. This let my wife feel like she was showing her love but with about 1/3 as much food going onto my plate.

I got back on the exercise bike and do 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week. When the weather gets a bit cooler we’ll be clearing the weight machine so I can use that as well. Dealing with some other issues has helped reduce my cravings and I’m just not as hungry all the time.

Is losing weight an important health goal?

Gun rights advocates cheered the Supreme Court’s June decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen as a reaffirmation of the Second Amendment’s protections of an individual right to bear arms. Gun control advocates grumbled that the decision would prove a costly disaster for states desperate to address sharply rising rates of gun violence.

And yet, as states are already proving, the truth is likely to be more complicated. Rather than an abrupt change to American gun laws, the Bruen opinion may accelerate existing political and legal trends, driving state laws toward more permissive and more restrictive gun regulations.

Red-state legislatures will likely continue their efforts to make it easier to own and carry guns — citing Bruen as a reason to relax their gun laws, repeal existing laws or vote against gun regulation. Blue states, by contrast, will likely continue to expand restrictions, citing passages in Bruen that bless gun licensing, the designation of sensitive places unsuitable for the presence of firearms, the prohibition of dangerous and unusual weapons, and the restriction of gun ownership to those who are “law abiding, responsible citizens.”

State gun regulations are a messy patchwork. The Supreme Court’s Bruen decision won’t help

In case you didn’t hear, CNN got roasted because they claimed that the decrease in gas prices over the last couple of months should be greeted as a $100/month pay raise. Totally ignoring the fact that gas is still way up from what it was before Biden took office.
America just got a $100-a-month raise

The lame street media is finally starting to admit that it is men fucking men that is spreading Monkeypox. Of course they only admitted this after the rest of the population doubled over in laughter over the claim that it was going to affect everyone.

I agree with J.Kb., every child that comes down with Monkeypox should be treated the same as an under aged girl coming in pragnent. They might have caught it from innocuous source but at least investigate.

Sex between men, not skin contact, is fueling monkeypox, new research suggests

As soon as they admitted it was spreading between gay men the next great pandemic just evaporated.

The Citizen Times published an opinion that is so full of straw man arguments and general bad logic that it was worth a full article debunking every other sentence. You are smart, you can read and laugh or swear as you like.

Opinion: Madison County’s new AR-15 initiative is about gun rights, not student safety

The Huffington Post publishes a confession of a teacher that is willing to go on record as violating Florida law, as long as she can use a pseudonym. Like every other teacher and teacher’s union spokesperson the author has to lie in order to make it look like she’s the victim.

Lady, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Florida Has An Outrageous New Law Targeting Teachers. Here’s Why I’ll Be Breaking It.

I’ve known a couple of people with Lyme disease. It is a nasty not fatal disease. It can affect your ability to do physical labor, walk or have any energy at all. Not to mention the pain it can cause.

A vaccine for Lyme disease is in its final clinical trial

Words still have meaning, no matter how often the democrats try and change the words and meanings. One of my first introductions to this was my kids kindergarten teacher telling me he had to be nicer to his friends. They had changed the word used for “classmate” to “friend.”

My child was suppose to be “friends” with everybody in his classroom. The education industry has a long history of making up new terms and words for the same old thing and then laughing at the parents that are using last months terms and words. Nobody is as professional as them. Leave education to them.

In the same way Gov Hochul of NY has redefined “convicts” and “inmate” as “incarcerated person”. Because “convict” and “inmate” is dehumanizing and people think of them as “less than people”.

Kathy Hochul, Democrats demand ‘inmates’ must now be called ‘incarcerated person’

Miguel’s Hit and Run: Stolen gun buyback?

Another “Buy Back” program, this time in Nashville.

This photo is interesting:

Click to enlarge

Three stripped lowers, 2 revolvers that look immaculate. The AR pistol and some of the other semis look unfired.

If I was a suspicious individual, I’d say this should be a Stolen Gun Buyback.

PS: I could not identify the brand of lowers. If a reader would be so kind to scratch that itch, I’d appreciate it.

It is all in how it is framed

In 2012 a black man was spotted casing houses in a gated community. A neighborhood watch member spotted the young man and called in a suspicious person. During the conversation with the 911 operator the neighborhood watch member did not mention skin color until directly asked by the 911 operator.

At some point he lost sight of the suspect and left his vehicle to investigate. He was still talking to the 911 operator. At some point the black animal attacked this watch member taking him off his feet. The animal straddled the man and starting throwing punches “MMA style” driving the man’s head into the concrete multiple times. (See the multiple postings by J.Kb. about one punch kills).

Afraid for his life the watch member drew his legally licensed and carried firearm and shot the animal that was attacking him. Killing the animal.

The police arrived, did a preliminary investigation felt it was a justifiable homicide and declined to arrest the neighborhood watch member.

A few weeks later a media blitz struck. The media used a picture of the animal from years before, showing a bright happy smiling child. They media told us that a white man full of racial hate hunted this child (He was not yet 18 years old) and killed him.

The image used in describing that animal was always the innocent child image.

This certainly looks like a young man who has tattoos and is attempting to look like he is a part of thug life. Not a 12 year old child looking forward to a wonderful life.

There are other images that Travon posted of himself showing he was part of the thug life. There aren’t any of him doing community service or hanging with local civic groups doing good things. Mostly there are images of his self styled thug life.

On the other hand we have another 17 year old. We have multiple pictures and videos of him doing community service. He was a member of a couple of youth groups that did things like learn police procedures and learn what it means to be a law enforcement officer. He expected to go to college and was doing the prep work to get accepted.

After riots destroyed parts of Kenosha Wisconsin, he went back to his hometown to help clean up some of the vandalism the animals of the previous night had done. While still in Kenosha his friend was asked to help stand guard at couple of car lots. He agreed.

When he arrived on scene he was carrying first aid gear as well as an AR-15 style rifle. Throughout the day and evening he attempted to help people multiple times. He is seen on video attempting to extinguish a dumpster fire. He is being interviewed and breaks off the interview to lend first-aid.

Later that night he became separated from his group and a violent animal started to chase him. There is video of this animal taunting the young man multiple times earlier in the day.

The young man became cornered and when the animal grabbed at his rifle he fired. The animal went down.

Kyle original started to lend first aid when sounds of the mob screaming for blood are heard. Kyle started running towards the police line. He stumbled and fell to the ground, a man attempted to kick him in the head (see one punch kills). Kyle fires and misses. Another man swings a mace (longboard skateboard) at Kyle and connects. Kyle fires again and hits. That man drops.

A forth man approaches, Kyle turns to face him. The forth man has a pistol in his hand. He holds his hands up for a brief moment then lunges forward. Kyle fires another shot and “vaporizes” lefty’s right bicep.

Kyle retreats to the police line. Attempts to turn himself in and told to go home. He is later arrested.

After over a year, Kyle had his day in court and was found “Not Guilty” on all charges.

Which brings us to now. Kyle was spotted by a police officer in Texas. The police officer asked for a selfie and Kyle obliged him. The police department posted the selfie to their social media and immediately the hounds of the left started baying for blood.

Here is the image the media used :

You have to wonder why they choose the image of him at trial and with law enforcement standing over him? Maybe the are trying to send a message?

Tuesday Tunes

Growing up we had music in the house. One of the groups that was played over and over again was “Peter, Paul, and Mary”.

The stories they told with their songs would transport me.

Sometimes when reading a good Heinlein story I’d hear the trio playing the sound track to his story.

I had the privilege of seeing them in person. They had just gotten back together and were giving concerts in small venues. In this case it was a small hall in Lansing, MI. They put on a great performance and afterwards my friends and I were just hanging out talking about how good it was.

And the three of them came out to just talk with the dozen or so people that were still in the hall. I’m not one to be at a loss for words but here were three of my “heroes” within easy speaking distance, just talking. I went mute. I had no idea what to say or do. I just stared.

Paul turned to me and said something like “Are you ok? Is there anything you need?” and I stumbled out something about how I had grown up listening to them and how much of an honor it was to hear them in person.

Well about a year later there was a big event on campus. Know that there were about 65,000 students at MSU that year. The headliners for the event was Peter, Paul, and Mary.

It was a cold rainy day and we started to gather hours before they were set to perform. I’d guess there were about 5,000 to 10,000 people standing in the rain in a big field facing the stage waiting for the concert to begin.

The anointed hour arrived and Paul steps out on stage with Peter and announces. “We are so sorry, Mary has laryngitis and can’t perform.” They were very apologetic but there wasn’t going to be any concert.

And then the chant started “Mary. Mary. Mary.” growing louder and louder. The two of them left the stage and the chant continued. They came back out and there was silence and they announced again that there was going to be no concert.

The chant started up again. They were looking very concerned. Suddenly the blond hair of Mary is seen coming on to stage.

Not a single person had left at that point.

When we saw Mary a huge cheer rose up over the field. Applause echoed from the buildings 100s of yards away. Mary waved to the crowd and the clapping when on and on.

The three of them raised their hands together and took a bow, and then another. The cheering and applause never dimmed.

Then they turned and walked of the stage and those students, many of whom were not yet born when they played their first gig, turned and left the field.

This is a song from PP&M which is a theme song for me and my lady.