Month: September 2022

On the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, God save the United Kingdom

This is a strange confession for an American to make, but I am a royalist.

Not in my country, no, absolutely not.  I am glad to be a citizen and not a subject.

However, I have come to understand why King George III was concerned for the United States and how we would fare without a monarch.

I think he understood something about the human condition.

We are hard-wired for a monarch.  It is in our brains to need a leader.  That is how humans survived and formed civilizations.  Every gregarious species has a leader.  It makes communal living possible.

Under a monarchy, that leader transcends generations and is an anchor for the community.  A proper monarch is groomed from childhood to understand the responsibility they have to their people.

America has no monarchy.  Except that we do.  We have created de facto monarchs.  My parents’ generation had the Kennedys.  My generation had the Clintons.

Then there are the celebrities who are “American royalty.”

That is why I have such a burning hatred for Meghan Markle.  Her idea of a royal was the American concept.  A life of luxury where the media and pop culture hangs on your every word.  You have no actual responsibility except to promote your brand.  The Kardashians are the exemplars of this model of American royalty.  AOC is their political equivalent.

Markle wanted to be rich and famous and covered in glamour, and then to do some environmental activism and Woke proselytizing to soothe her soul.  The idea of having to be quiet and reserved and a paragon of English culture was antithetical to what her idea of royalty was.

Queen Elizabeth II was the quintessence of royalty.  She was the standard for Great Britain for 70 years.

Perhaps, as King George III suspected, we are in a way poorer that we lack a monarch because our de facto celebrity monarchs are of such poor quality.  Our “American royalty” do not have the sense of responsability or temperament of Queen Elizabeth II and promote a culture of selfish virtue signaling.

It is honestly sad to me to see the American idea of a royal take root over there as that is corrosive to society.

Although I do not want a monarch, I do understand why a proper monarch, even as a figurehead, makes sense to society as a cultural anchor.

My hope for the British is that with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, they do not lose what is left of the virtues of their culture and collapse.

Illinois residents, get your CCW before Jan 1

This is from last year:


Well, 2023 is just around the corner and this graphic just hit my feed:


We have seen all this year what no-cash bail has done to NY and California, and now it’s coming to Illinois and includes no-cash bail for robbery, kidnapping, and murder.

Just the other day I wrote a post about a kidnapper let out early in Memphis who kidnapped and murdered a woman.

Illinois won’t even detain kidnappers.

That state just legalized violent crime.

Arm yourself before it’s too late.


Aleatory Ruminations for 9/9/2022

I am plum tired today. I already did my gym stuff, some research work and gonna get my ass back in bed where I will watch Youtube videos and snack on Poppables (Those suckers are addictive!)

Later I may get up and clean guns, may reload some ammo and figure out what to have for lunch/ and supper with the missus.

So you all get funny pics and the right to call me lazy ass.

You better understand the reference!





What happens when a metallurgist weapon engineer reads fantasy

At Miguel’s insistence suggestion I started the Monster Hunter International book series.

I’m doing them on Audible as I pack and work around the house to get it ready to sell it.

I know, it seems like something I should have stared long ago, but in my defense, I’m much more of a hard core science fiction person and am wary of fantasy.

I’m enjoying them immensely and am now into Monster Hunter Alpha, the third book, in as many weeks.

It is clear that Larry Correia is an absolute fucking gun nut and knows his shit.

At the same time, I am who I am and I cannot deny my nature.

And my nature is a metallurgist and weapons engineer.

“Better killing through metallurgy” is on my business card.

And I realize I can save MHI both a shitload of money on ammunition and improve the terminal performance of their ammunition.

Have I mentioned that this is exactly what I do for a living in the real world?


Silver kills monsters and the undead.

MHI uses a silver ball inserted into the top of a JHP, as Correia himself states, a ripoff of the Corbon Power Ball.

Again, a testament to his gun guy credentials to write about a relatively obscure round of ammo.

So assume a silver ball the size of a BB (0.177 in).

A standard BB is mild steel and weighs 5 grains.  A silver BB of the same diameter would be 7 grains.  That would be 62 silver BBs per ounce of silver at $20 per ounce.  Two mags full from an MHI H&K UMP45 is $20 in raw silver alone.

And the silver would only have the contact surface area of a BB which is 0.092 in².

Silver plates wonderfully well on copper.  Copper is actually used as a silver plate substrate.  So if you have a silver belt buckle, its steel plated with nickel, then plated with copper, then plated with silver.

Let’s assume that MHI loads their own ammo because they use custom bullets.

Silver playing isn’t that hard to do.  Lots of small scale knife makers and jewelry makers do it all the time.

Some silver nitrate and a DC power source and you’re set.

So what I would do is start with an all copper bullet like the Barnes Tac-X and do an electrolytic silver plate before loading.

A few microns of silver would be less than a grain per bullet and would make the silver surface area the total area of the expanded hollowpoint.  More contact surface area, more terminal performance.

The silver will survive the trip down the barrel.  The copper plating on plated lead bullets does, the bullet wouldn’t be any good if it didn’t.

So what you have is a 85% reduction in silver costs and radically increased terminal performance.  The same two mags from a UMP45 would have $3 worth of silver in them and still be more effective.

It also adds diversity to ammo choices as any copper bullet of any caliber could be washed in silver.

(A thin electrolytic plate is known as a wash)

Hell, they could buy regular FMJ and do a silver wash.  Silver plated fragments from 5.56 would be highly effective as well.

I know, I know, it’s a fantasy book.

But I can’t help it.  I’m very fucking good at my job.


Whatever you do, don’t call them groomers


From the article in the Tweet:

A California teacher in the Capistrano school district posted about a “queer library” in her classroom that was filled with over 100 books – some of which contained sex imagery, information on orgies, sex parties and BDSM.

The teacher at San Juan Hills High School, Flint, posted repeatedly on TikTok about books in the “queer library” and said it was available to students and has been active for five years.

“Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Being Trans…” discusses BDSM, fetishes and a kink social media networking site.

“I find the BDSM/kink community to be extremely open-minded and welcoming in every way; it’s a place of sexual liberation,” the book states. “There is often more blanket level of acceptance of transgender people within the kink/BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) scenes and sites such as FetLife.”

FetLife is a social media networking site for the “kink community.”

Another book, called “This Book is Gay,” discusses the casual hookup site “Grindr” and includes detailed information on how to have anal and “girl on girl” sex.

“We all want to have sex with loads of people,” the book states. “[T]he prostate gland… feels amazing when massaged. Lots of men, gay or straight, like how this feels.”

That’s enough.

This us absolutely grooming 101.

This person is a groomer.

Under no circumstances should a teacher only a few years older than the students themselves bring this into the classroom.

But you and I are the bad guys for saying that.

‘Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action’

There have been enough if these to recognize that this is enemy action from a ideology that has an agenda of grooming children.