Month: November 2022

What’s killing me about homes in New England

I’ve been looking at homes in New England for a couple of months now.

Every single one of them under a million dollars is absolutely beat to fucking shit.

The rental I’m in now was built in 2005.

The other houses on the street are about the same age.

Every single one is missing shingles from the roof.

The siding is rotting.

The attic is 50% mouse shit.

It sold recently for over half a million dollars.

We looked at other houses in the area.

All of them are like this.

Yes, I know, New England has harsh winters.

So the fuck what.

I lived in South Dakota.  My first house was in Chicago.  My next was in Omaha.

I’ve lived in places that had winters every bit as harsh but there they didn’t let the homes go to shit.

It’s like preventative maintenance isn’t a cultural norm up here.

Part of me wonders if it has to do with how old everything is.  Like, if you buy a house built in the 1700s or 1800s, there can be a few centuries of damage to it, so you just accept your house being weather worn.  And that becomes the norm so when you buy a house built 17 years ago that looks like it has 50 years of weather damage to it, that seems perfect normal to you because everything has 50 years or more weather damage to it.

We rescinded an offer on a home because the previous owner let dead leaves sit in a spot on the roof for so long they rotted the shingles and started to rot the plywood underneath.

The house inspection revealed that.*

For a house that was asking $600,000, I wasn’t going to buy it to drop on a $50,000 roof.

I told the seller that, their response was “someone will.”

*It shocks me that New Hampshire will nitpick your car to death during the annual vehicle inspection and fail you for things like fender rust, but you can sell a house with a rotted out roof and siding, and more radon in the basement than the nuclear weapon test range, and home inspectors just let it go.

I just can’t fathom why when people are forced to pay so much for houses, they let them become rundown, dilapidated, shit boxes.


The NY CCIA is dealt a killing blow (updated with link to decision)

Most of the things about the New York state CCIA have been enjoined (stopped). This takes the TRO and makes it permanent.

I think that training requirements still stand and a few other parts. Lots of “sensitive places” have been struck down as well.

This is a huge win for us under Bruen.

Thank you Justice Thomas!
Antonyuk v Hochul

It was hate at first manipulation.

I’ve discussed my recurring issues with Trash Pirates around here. I’ve determined that 30-30 is big enough for one shot kills.  A body shot will take them out almost instantly.

I’ve also seen that removing the brain from a racoon with a 30-30 leaves a huge mess and lets the body twitch like a headless chicken for way to long.

The .22LR did one in but it took way to long and I wasn’t happy with the pain it gave the animal.

A year or so ago I picked up a revolver in .38/.357.  The reason was that I was tired of losing brass.  At the range if it bounces wrong it ends up in the lanes and if the damn range officer has had his talking to in the last day or so he is so busy sweeping all the brass he can out into the lanes.  For every 100 rounds fired I was only recovering around 75.

Brass getting harder and harder to find this was not acceptable.

So I went looking for a lever action in .357mag.

My LGS had a Rossi ’92 in .357.  I went down and looked at it.

I hated the damn rear sights.

It was hate at first manipulation.  I didn’t even bother to dry fire the thing. I didn’t bother to look at the fit and finish or anything else.  It just wasn’t worth it.

Then the magic happened.  I stopped in at the LGS and they had a Rossi ’92 from the 1990s.  It had beautiful square notch rear sights.  The wood was worn with the love of 30 years of hands.  The trigger was smooth with a clean break.

It followed me home.

I’ve only sent a couple of dozen rounds down range.  I need to cast more bullets for .357.  Every round I sent down range rang steel.

I firmly believe that this rifle will do a great job of Trash Pirate control.

Oh, if anybody knows how to get the last round in the gate to rotate so it is centered in the receiver, please let me know.  It loads beautifully but I have to stick my finger in the receiver to give that last round a little nudge to the left to get the base to center up on the elevator.  Once there it works fine and manipulating the lever with .357 or .38 special works perfectly.


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The entire department needs to be convicted

Damn the entire NYPD to hell.

Ex-NYPD cop Michael Valva found guilty of murdering autistic son

Disgraced former NYPD officer Michael Valva on Friday was found guilty of murder in the freezing death of his autistic 8-year-old son, who was locked overnight in an unheated garage at the family’s Long Island home.

Jurors in Suffolk County deliberated for less than a day before returning a verdict of guilty on all counts, including second-degree murder, at around 6 p.m., according to reports.

The ex-cop’s conviction in the 2020 death of little Thomas Valva followed a trial that chronicled years of abuse and neglect the boy was subjected to — including being starved to the point that he ate crumbs off the ground at his school.

Thomas’ principal testified that the school was so concerned about the emaciated boy, they flooded Child Protective Services hotline with complaints in a desperate attempt to get them help, as his dad spurned their inquiries.

On January 17, 2020, Thomas died of hypothermia after he was locked in the freezing garage for up to 16 hours when temperatures plummeted to 19 degrees.

That is beyond horrible.

But something is missing from this story.

A rational and inquisitive person might wonder how teachers and a principal could report on this abuse and nothing happened to help the boy.

Thomas Valva’s Mother Files $200 Million Lawsuit Against Dead Boy’s Father, Stepmother, N.Y. Judge

The mother of Thomas Valva — the 8-year-old Long Island boy who died in January from severe hypothermia after allegedly being forced to sleep in the garage of his father’s home — has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the boy’s father, stepmother and several local officials. She is seeking $200 million in damages.

Zubko-Valva’s sons “were literally starving to death, with Body Mass Indexes below one percent,” reads the statement. “They came to school bruised, crying, hungry, and literally scrounging for food and crumbs off the floor and in the garbage can. Teachers were buying snacks and drinks for them. The children frequently arrived at school with urine-soaked clothes and wearing diapers – having bathroom accidents and not being able to control their bowel movements – despite having been potty trained years before.”

The mother’s attorney, Jon Norinsberg, said he believes Thomas’ father was “protected” from scrutiny because of his position with the NYPD.

“This case is horrific and tragic,” Norinsberg says. “Tommy was a small, defenseless boy with a great smile. My client repeatedly warned and showed anyone who would listen that her children were being starved, abused and tortured. Instead of helping the children, the defendants flagrantly violated their legal duties under New York State Law and exhibited a shocking indifference to the children’s health, safety and welfare.”

Norinsberg added: “This was truly a conspiracy of silence. Valva was protected because he was a police officer. If he had been a normal citizen, he would have been arrested and put in jail. But because he was a police officer, the Defendants looked the other way and let him get away with this horrific abuse. Little Tommy would still be alive if these defendants had done their jobs properly.”

Without a doubt the NYPD protected a child abusers withing their ranks.

My sister dated a cop for a while.  He used to beat on her.  After my sister broke up with him, she found out he beat all of his previous girlfriends and stalked a few.

He always did it in the jurisdiction of his department so when the cops came to break up the abuse, they’d take him back to the station to sleep it off in the break room.  Then his fellow officers would intimidate his girlfriend into not pressing charges.

The only reason he didn’t get away with it with my sister is that my dad was a lawyer and had worked with the governor’s office.

Back to this case, if you wonder how a boy could be starved and abused until he comes to school in soiled clothes and eats crumbs off the floor and then goes back to the site of the abuse day after day, the entirety of New York’s Finest made that possible.

I’ve cataloged the abuses committed by the NYPD on this blog, especially those carried out during COVID.

But of all of them, this one takes the cake.

Every officer who worked with Valva should be sent to prison, put in gen pop, and when they are beaten to death, their souls should be dammed to hell for all eternity.

This is a weird one for me.

I am pretty open about guns in the sense I like most of them. Some will not go with my body or lifestyle, but that does not mean I will dislike them, they just simply are not important to me.

That was till yesterday when I was handed a Savage Impulse. It was hate at first manipulation.

At first look I liked it: Scout Rifle! And then I picked it up and “reality” happened. It is a straight pull bolt action and not intuitive. But I will say that is on me since I had never manipulated one before and it is a brand-new manual of arms I would have to get accustomed to.  This particular example was in 6.5 Creedmore, heavy, and seriously unbalanced in my opinion. The muzzle feels like it wants to go to ground if that makes any sense and I had to fight with it to keep it level.

Mind you, I did not shoot it. It may be a very accurate rifle, capable to give a colonoscopy to a fly at 200 yards, so do not make a buying decision based on this post but on your own personal experience with the gun itself. I am just pointing out my own initial reaction which surprised the hell out of yours truly.

Fine, let’s start by purging the military


Mark Hertling was a Lieutenant General in the US Army and currently teaches at West Point.

The implication here is that the REPUBLICANS are the burgeoning Nazis.

To any rational person, that is bullshit on its face.

The Left has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar using federal law enforcement for political purposes, conspiring with social media companies for censorship, exerting unchecked power under the guise of emergency COVID restrictions, etc.

But Trump was a wannabe dictator.

Yeah, who lost an unfair election and handed over the reins of power anyway.

The highest echelon of our military is utterly partisan and completely stupid.

Since they are going to call the next elected Republican president a Nazi, a fascist, and the second coming of Hitler regardless of what he does; the elected Republican president should act like it and purge the US military of all the disloyal officers.