Month: March 2023

That is a lot of blood – a warning about knives – Update

This is a murder in Vancouver, Canada.


That is a lot of blood.

That poor man was down and dead in under two minutes.

Knives are serious weapons and it doesn’t require a skilled person to kill with one.

A lucky hit to a major artery will be fatal.

There isn’t enough video from the beginning to assess exactly what happened here.

Suffice it to say, do not let a man with a knife and malicious intent in close proximity.

If a man is being aggressive, give him a wide berth.

And if you are living in a free state (and not the People’s Socialist Republic of Canada), be prepared to shoot a man with a knife.


Father stabbed to death outside Vancouver Starbucks after asking man to not vape near his toddler

A confrontation on the patio of a busy downtown Starbucks that ended with the stabbing death of a Burnaby man started when the victim asked the suspect to not vape near his toddler, said the victim’s mother.

“This is so horribly wrong what happened,” said Kathy Schmidt, two days after her son, Paul Stanley Schmidt was stabbed in broad daylight in front of his fiancée and his three-year-old daughter and many onlookers.

“He was just trying to protect his daughter,” she said. “I’m angry and I’m sad.”

A man has been charged with second-degree murder in the killing and Schmidt said she would like the charge upped to first-degree murder, which requires proof of premeditation, to ensure a longer stay in prison if he’s convicted.

A father was murdered for asking another man not to vape near his child.

This is how you respond to an active shooter

Some of the first bodycam footage from yesterday’s Nashville school shooting has been released.


“Keep pushing, keep pushing.”

That’s the proper response.

Run towards the sound of the gunfire, close distance to the threat, keep shooting until it stops moving.

Every single officer from Broward County and Uvalde needs to be strapped down and forced to watch this Clockwork Orange style until they decide to eat their service weapon.

I find this blood dancers story highly improbable


I find it extremely improbable that a woman associated with the victims of the Highland Park shooting in Chicago was visiting family in Nashville just in time for a chool shooting, and was at the right place and time to get on the news.

I suspect rest it is more likely that the blood dancers have a rapid response team that shows up to get on the news in front of these stories.

They saw how effective for their side David Hogg was, and now they want to grab hold of the news as fast as possible.

Maybe I’m just cynical, but this seems planted not organic.

Blood Type ignorance?

I just got this with the morning batch of emails.


I was in elementary school when I found out my blood type. It was the first “Biology experiment” (Rhesus monkey story included) we had in school with the whole class getting typed and going home with a small card with the relevant information. It was so cool that it was imprinted in my brain and never forgot it.

If you still by any chance do not know such important piece of personal health information, you can get a kit in Amazon for just over $7 rather than the $20 with promo code plus other fees offered by Quest. And, of course, it is always good to know the blood types of your loved ones, for emergencies.

Tuesday Tunes

The post WWII trials saw many many of the accused murders claim that they were “just following orders”. There was always somebody higher up that ordered them to murder people.

What isn’t as well known is that the population, when asked “Why didn’t you try and stop these mass murders?”, replied with “We didn’t know.”

The US military has rules that say you should not follow an illegal order.

Covenant School Shooting: Gun Free Zones are hunting preserves for the insane.

As usual, we are running under the 48 hour collection of facts before conclusions, but some data appears to be in already.

Can we at least agree that glass doors are NOT a security measure?

I wonder if we will ever be able to read the Audrey Hale’s manifesto or it will be buried deep to avoid “hurting the feelings” of certain segments of society.

PS: in some Old Media circles, the story was already sent to Winston Smith for proper editing and re-writing. Sure as hell is suddenly getting less time than certain celebrity lawsuit.