Month: April 2023

Back from Appleseed.

The soul was willing, but the flesh was screaming in pain.

I left halfway the second day because my elbows were swollen and hurting after hours of prone on both days. My back gave up on me in the middle of shooting standing and obviously my accuracy went to crap. The transitions are a bitch and even though I was wearing elbow soft pads, I have a banana under the skin of my left elbow right now. Note made to research for hard elbow pads.

Transition from standing to Seated Shooting.
Adjusting sling

If you have been thinking about taking this class, do not hesitate and go for it. I can give you a long song and dance about how good they are and how much I improved, but instead I will show you my progress in three pictures.

Saturday Morning.

Saturday Afternoon.

Sunday Morning.

And no, not even close to get the Rifleman patch. The timed magazine change stages murdered me with enough mikes to make it embarrassing. Of course I will go back again.

PS: I hit two out of the three Morgan’s shingles I tried.

Barnett v Raoul Illinois AWB/LCM bans Good news

B.L.U.F. I need another image with a cheerleader for courts that get it right. After fighting my way through the monstrosity from yesterday, this Memorandum and Order is great news for the Second Amendment community. This is (hopefully?) a short article, I might write something longer about our win in the future.

My wife read yesterday’s article and was upset about the Court’s opinion Herrera v. Raoul Illinois AWB/LCM ban. Later in the day, I was watching Guns and Gadgets on YouTube talking about Barnett v Raoul and she got the cases mixed up. Understandable.

What I told her was that in Barnett v. Raoul the state was going to appeal, and it would make its way to the Seventh Circuit court. I predict that all of these cases from the district level will be consolidated. This case is already a consolidation of four cases.

I was right. The stated did file for an appeal the same day the order came down and has also filed a motion for this Court to stay the injunction pending appeal.

The state argues that since this court didn’t go along with the other court’s opinion, that this court should stay its injunction. “For consistency”, don’t you know. The state is also claiming that since the Seventh Circuit did not choose to grant a preliminary injunction in those other cases, this court is going against the wishes of the Seventh Circuit.

I hope that his court stands its ground and makes the state get an injunction from the Circuit Court of Appeals.

The question

Are assault weapons band and large capacity magazine bans constitutional?



Ok, maybe a bit more

Definition of Protected Arm under The Second Amendment

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Herrera v. Raoul Illinois AWB/LCM ban

The Judge Said What?

B.L.U.F. The Court found that the country has a history and tradition from pre-founding through the modern day of banning dangerous weapons.

The plaintiffs (good guys) have requested a Temporary and Preliminary Injunction to enjoy the state from enforcing the Illinois assault weapon ban as well as the large capacity magazine bans. This is a Second Amendment Challenge

The Court’s statement regarding the factual background

The factual background is whatever the Court decides it is. This is part of the task of a Judge. They decide what the facts of the case are when there is no jury involved. We can learn significant information about the leaning of the Court just from their statement of facts.

In response to widespread mass shootings nationally, including the mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois on July 4, 2022, the State of Illinois passed the “Protect Illinois Communities Act,” HB 5471 (“the Illinois Act”). Ill. Pub. Act 102-1116, § 1; …
Herrera v. Raoul, in his official capacity as Attorney General for the State of Illinois, 1:23-cv-00532, (N.D. Ill. Apr 25, 2023) ECF No. 75

Here the Court gives its first glimpse of their bias via the implied facts. “[W]idespread mass shootings nationally” is certainly a loaded phrase. It has the implied fact that there are widespread mass shootings. A fact that is not in evidence.

They move on to give a pretty standard definition of “assault weapon” to include many semi-automatic rifles. It is important to note that this is a ban on possessing an assault weapon as well. The exception being that you have to register the firearm with an “endorsement affidavit”. The same affidavit is required for all LCMs.

The court points out that the new ban is no big deal because the county and city have had bans since 2006 and 2013. No big deal to have the state do it too.

The Question

Is the plaintiff’s right to self-defense threatened by his inability to keep his rifle and pistol and magazines in his home?
Is the “endorsement affidavit” a forced registration, threatening his right to keep and bear arms?

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Light Blogging.

Missus and I will be taking the weekend off (sort of) but I will be involved in some learning stuff.

I may or may not update from the road. I have the WordPress App in the phone, but I dare not to do much. J.Kb does very good this way good and AWA posts everything via an old Nokia flip phone.

It is all true…. give or take a lie or two.