Month: April 2023

If Your Cause is Righteous, Why Lie?: Bardy and the Covenant School Massacre.

I know they are lying, you know they are lying, but this is for the casual visitor searching for information.

The weapon that Asshole Audrey Hale was seen using in the videos is a 9mm carbine with full stock and no “eeeviol stabilizing brace'”

But Brady and the likes rely on your ignorance in the subject to lie and come up with bogey-man-wording to scare you.

If they were on the right side, they would not need lies, nor contradict themselves.

Why are there no juries in these 2A cases?

We were asked “Why don’t we see juries involved in all of these Second Amendment cases? The simple answer is “they are not needed”. Read on for why.

Court cases are decided in two different ways, on the merits of the case, and procedurally.

Consider the question “Does the District of Columbia’s restriction on having a functional firearm within the home violate the Second Amendment?”

Prior to 2008 many courts were using the collective right interpretation of the Second Amendment. With this in mind the most of these cases were dismissed for procedural reason. I.e. if you were not the militia challenging the restriction you did not have standing. Standing is a procedural issue.

Cases that are decided on a procedural basis can be brought up again once the procedural issue is corrected.
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“It is not the same when we do it!”

Oh dear mercies! Apparently, this comment triggered the wiggle joints of Libs across the twitterverse. Here are some examples.

Did you see all of those kids using pepper spray on police? What abt the student shoving an officer’s head thru the door? Oh, that pipe bomb left at the capital, probably hidden by a protester. Oh, forgot! This happened at the REAL insurrection on J6.


Oh please…..does he know what the word means?


Give me a break!! People are hurting and they are wanting children protected!! DO YOUR JOB!!


Really? Parents with children, teachers, pastors, neighbors, Tennesseans, no weapons, just protesting peacefully. No comparison. At all!


The Speaker obviously doesn’t know the meaning of the word insurrection. It certainly doesn’t apply to loud, non-violent protests. Unless you’ve banned dictionaries you ought to read one. It could have helped w/ur recently stalled bill the judge said infringed on 1sr amendment.


One case, people stormed the building to overturn a constitutional election. The other case involved high school kids fed up with being slaughtered at school demanding legislation… … Trying to connect the two or even saying these kids are shameful for standing up for life? Y


Anyone calling it “ insurrection” has no heart!


Mental Midget


Sexton is a piece of shit lying Republifuck.

And I do have to admit it is not quite the same as J6: The cops did not shoot an unarmed woman, nor escorted people around or opened doors so they could come and go as they pleased. And they were very polite for the most part. You don’t see anybody screaming like a banshee and directly threating legislators in J6, but the “peace-loving occupiers” assholes in Nashville did.

Somebody is chumming the waters expecting one or several of their minions to do something violent (like killing 9-year-olds in a Christian school) and after perfunctory niceties, put the blame on those who had nothing to do with the event, but refuse to bow their heads and accept their demands for power.

In the meantime, they just keep expanding what they can do and say and trying to restrict what our speech and living because they can and we are allowing them.

Another Bruen win. Renna v. Bonta CA UHA

Judge Dana M. Sabraw of the United States District Court Southern District of California has granted a Preliminary Injunction against California’s Unsafe Handgun act.

He enjoined the chamber loaded indicator, magazine disconnect mechanism, microstamping, and three-for-one removal provisions.

The judge then stayed the injunction pending appeal or further hearing on the matter.

It is highly likely that this case and Boland will be combined at the Ninth Circuit Court.

We keep winning. The infringers are losing ground constantly. We are going to win, it just takes time.

Case 3:20-cv-02190-DMS-DEB

They are sick f***s.

He is not wrong. And the principle of not mentioning the name of the shooter (Asshole Audrey Hale) comes in handy as to erase guilt from the actual guilty predator and shit it towards the political enemy of their choice.

And just when you thought it could not get any sicker:

What the hell is going on? Allow me to quote Brad R. Torgersen:

We placed being nice before staunchly insisting that facts and truth matter more than feelings and narratives. Now the people who insist feelings and narratives are superior to facts and truth, seem to run our world. Or if they don’t run it, they want to destroy it, in lieu of running it.


Bruen Win in Minnesota

On 2023-03-31 United States District Judge Katherine Menendez issued summary judgement for the plaintiffs(good guys) allowing young adults to receive government permission to carry handguns in Minnesota.

The State of Minnesota requires a person to obtain a permit to lawfully carry a handgun in public, but does not issue permits to anyone under the age of twenty-one. The Plaintiffs, who are 18-to-20-year-old individuals and firearms advocacy organizations with members in that age range, argue that the minimum age requirement in Minnesota’s permit-to-carry law violates their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. The parties have filed cross-motions for summary judgment. The Supreme Court’s recent decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Ass’n v. Bruen, 142 S. Ct. 2111 (2022), compels the conclusion that Minnesota’s permitting age restriction is unconstitutional, and Plaintiffs are entitled to judgment as a matter of law.
Summary Judgement and Opinion 0:21-cv-01348 District Court of Minnesota

The state claimed Minnesota’s permit to carry statute is facially constitutional as a matter of law.Memorandum in support for Summary Judgement for the defendants at P. 14. They get their claim by contending that the Supreme Court has approved infringing on the rights of 18-20 year olds.
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