Month: April 2023

When idiots keep making it harder for the rest.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — As the number of stolen guns soars in Nashville, Metro police said urgent requests to firearm owners are not enough and they’re asking lawmakers for help. This comes as the efforts to criminalize loose gun storage are put on hold.

“Despite these ongoing requests for enhanced personal responsibility, the number of guns stolen from vehicles has only increased in Nashville,” said Metro Police Chief John Drake in a March 2023 letter to the chairman of the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee.

Chief Drake said the police department’s efforts include a weekly social media campaign pointing to the number of guns stolen that week and the running tally year to date. Plus, regular reporting of stolen firearm numbers by Nashville media outlets and signage across the city, urging drivers to secure guns in vehicles.
Now, the department is asking for legislation to help hold gun criminals accountable.

Number of guns stolen from cars soars as legislation is put on hold (

I have seen their “efforts”: some PSA ad on TV at three in the morning and the occasional bleep in Twitter. There is no true campaign seeking to change minds about this idiocy. And yes, it is an idiotic thing for Gun Owners to leave weapon unsecured in their vehicles which a lot of times are not even locked apparently. And this apparently perennial idiocy is the fodder the Antis need to demand gun control legislation. The bad part is that they may get it and we have nobody but us to blame for it. We need to either convince our fellow gun owners that glass windows are not an effective criminal stopper or be ready to have legislation shoved up our fannies.

Leaving your weapon unsecured in the car is the equivalent of buying a $1,000 gun and spend $15 on a cheap nylon holster. It is fucking stupid.

Tuesday Tunes

I ran across Mean Mary when looking for Dueling Banjo’s. I wasn’t certain whether I liked her voice or not. Google added her to my rotation, and every once in a while I’d hear a song that I really liked. And then I would look, and it was Mean Mary.

She is a multi instrumentalist. She plays fiddle, banjo, and guitar. That’ve seen so far. She likely plays more.

As I looked through YouTube for more Mean Mary videos, I found a number of “Reacts to” videos. The opera singer was impressed with her voice. The pair of hard rockers were impressed with her playing. The others had similar statements.

And they almost all then went to, “Oh shit, she plays like that! That’s amazing.” when they got to the end.

This one is for all of you that have ever had to give a product pitch

She has a religious bend. This is a devil of song.

She is self-named. When she was younger, she wrote a song titled “Mean Mary from Alabama”. By younger, I mean 6. There is a video of her on some sort of local show at a very young age, being introduced as “Mean Mary St. James”.

Very educative video.

Samm group of protesters shows up at a drag show event and get attacked by an Antifa goon who is shortly arrested alongside two more of his fellows. Everything gets caught on camera.

These are several random observations I had. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

1) They are well funded. They have gear that does not come cheap for people who are probably not holding a high-paying job. If somebody feel like doing the math and add up all the stuff they are carrying, it will be very welcomed.

2) They use misdirection and layering a lot. Two were keeping the protesters distracted while the third sneaked in and sprayed. Right after the attack, two others with long guns step in to block field of view and possibly distract with menacing.

3) Hard and fast actions against them makes them lose confidence. Once the first arrest started and the couple of “helpers” ended up tasting asphalt, the rest pretty much became docile observers. Good thing because I am willing to bet they were being tagged by PD overwatch from an elevation(s) nearby. The cops themselves had their own layers/shields of officers with long guns and probably bad attitudes. Knowing that they were facing somebody who had the legal ability to shoot them and get away with it makes a shit load of difference on your ego. We are restricted by law to respond as defensive measure only and only in the extreme. Antifa knows that and also knows they can initiate actions to escalate violence because they will be bailed, and legal fees paid for by others while we cannot afford such expenditure.

4)  Media is truly an accomplice and/or enabler of Antifa. I have not seen splashed across the headlines the fact that several heavily armed goons wearing bulletproof vests, attacked 5 peaceful unarmed folks well away the drag show, one of them an African American. Our side shows at a Moms Demand rally wearing NRA shirts and heckling Shannon Watts, and you bet your ass it makes it on the national news that we were White Supremacists violently intimidating poor moms worried about their children not being shot in school.

OK, you add your own.

United States v. Miller et al. History

B.L.U.F. — Examining the 1939 case of United States v. Miller 307 U.S. 174 where we first lost our Second Amendment Rights. Touching on how Heller, McDonald, and Bruen all reference back to Miller but how it got twisted to allow the courts to allow infringements to continue


On April 18, 1938, the Arkansas and Oklahoma state police stopped Miller and Layton outside of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, en route from Claremore. They had an unregistered, short-barreled shotgun in the car and apparently were “making preparation for armed robbery.” So the police arrested them.

Miller and Layton ended up in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where United States Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas Clinton R. Barry charged them with violating the National Firearms Act. Barry knew all about Miller, as he had attended the O’Malley trials and seen Miller testify. Barry was eager to ensure the government could prove an NFA violation. It is “[e]xtremely important this case be investigated by competent federal officers quickly before these parties released on bond to prove possession this weapon in Oklahoma immediately before arrest in Arkansas to show transportation.” The United States Attorney’s office forwarded Barry’s request to the F.B.I. for investigation.
N.Y.U. Journal of Law & Liberty [Vol. 3:48 2008]

There is a different version of the arrest of Miller in Unintended Consequences, this appears to be more factual.

This is how the District Judge Heartsill Ragon described it:

The defendants in this case are charged with unlawfully and feloniously transporting in interstate commerce from the town of Claremore, Oklahoma, to the town of Siloam Springs in the State of Arkansas, a double barrel twelve gauge shot gun having a barrel less than eighteen inches in length, and at the time of so transporting said fire arm in interstate commerce they did not have in their possession a stamp-affixed written order for said fire arm as required by Section 1132c, Title 26 U.S. C.A., the regulations issued under the authority of said Act of Congress known as the National Firearms Act, 26 U.S. C.A. § 1132 et seq.
United States v. Miller, 26 F. Supp. 1002 (W.D. Ark. 1939)

There are some significant aspects to this case and how it was charged. The state would have to prove that the firearm in question required a NFA tax stamp, that it did not have that tax stamp, that it had been transported across state lines. And that the police had reason to make the stop.

This was before Miranda but the law still required some reason to arrest and search people.

The Miller case was a case of tax evasion. Failure to pay a $200 tax on a $15 shotgun. In addition, the NFA made transporting a registered firearm across state lines a crime unless the state first gave permission.
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