Month: June 2024

“ZOMFG! Bumps Stocks Bad! We iz gonna die.”


While she is flapping gums, the streets tell a different story.


Oh well, they “know better” right?

Voices for a Safer Tennessee endorses NRA’s Eddie Eagle.

I swear I owe a drink to whomever signed me up for their emails. If he/she thought I was going to be annoyed, the joke backfired.

And yes, the instructions are found in Handgun Safety (, but I am guessing nobody did a proper search where did they come from.

On behalf of all NRA members who have been supporting Eddie Eagle since its inception, we thank your unintended endorsement of a successful program.

“It is Summer! We are all gonna die!”

Because fear generates clicks.

If your AC only cools 20 degrees lower than the outside temperature, it means it needs a bit of maintenance. Maybe cleaning and/or recharge of the coolant, but it should give you easily 30 degrees. The Missus has the house at 72 degrees, or she pulls out the sharps and people start feeling her overheating.

One thing I haven’t done since moving to TN is the biannual January AC check like we did back in Miami. It is hard to get your mind started around the idea of maintaining the AC with freezing temps outside.  I will have to make a mark in the calendar for March/April next year just to make sure I don’t end up a testing subject sharpness because SWMOB is overheated.