The first firearm reached the New World in 1492

This might be true but is dependent on nobody else having reached the new world.  There are indications of other peoples getting to the new world before the Europeans.  But likely true.  Of course the article leaves out the fact that the Chinese invented gunpowder long before and did have some cannon like things.

While they then put up the old saw that people were only firing 3 rounds per minute.  Even though there were air rifles that fired much faster and a sort of automatic gun based on muzzle loading and black powder.

Record climb in background checks during the COVID-19 pandemic

And the records keep being broken.  The article seems to feel that there was no reason for people arming themselves, because everybody was locked down, socially distancing and businesses were closed.  They just happened to leave out that there were a great deal of “mostly peaceful protests” and that violence seemed to be escalating.

Americans purchased more firearms in 2020 and 2021 than at any point in the nation’s history

Good for them!  And they are buying more this year than last year.  Seems to be a trend.

The Second Amendment is at odds with modern politics

<blockquote>The Constitutional definition regarding “the right to bear arms” is questionable in an age of mass shootings, dividing many Americans whose opinions on gun ownership differ. The Atlantic reports that while the “contextual reading is quite enlightening” in the amendment, its initial and sole purpose was to permit U.S. states to create armed militias legally.</blockquote>

And the not lie lie.  They didn’t say it, <i>The Atlantic</i> reports it.  If they got it wrong, sorry.  Same game as “experts say”.  This particular piece of BS is normal.

Protection cited as a primary reason for ownership

Language is delightfully colored.  “claim to own firearms primarily for protection against crime.”  The word “claim” doesn’t really need to be there. It leaves a subtle hint that it isn’t quite true that it is for protection against crime, they just claim it is.

More Americans want stricter controls

Yep, they do say that.  But most Americans have no idea what the actual gun laws are.  Is the gun law that makes it a felony for my kid to carry a spent case across an imaginary line a couple of miles from us not strict enough?  Do they even know what the gun laws are in their own state?

Most people have never purchased a firearm.  They’ve never seen a 4473 or had to fill one out.  They don’t know so the question is moot.  Most people when they find out what the laws actually are, are not looking for still stricter infringments.

Ban of bump stocks upheld by the Supreme Court

An out and out lie.  The court denied certiorari.  This does not mean that they upload the ban.  It means they didn’t bother to hear it.  That is likely because they wanted a clearer case, such as Bruen, which allowed them to say “if it isn’t in the text and history of the 2nd, around 1791, it is unconstitutional”

The leading cause of death for children in the U.S. is guns

Words have meaning.  When we think of “children” most people think ages 1-12.  They think of 13-17 as teenagers or young adults.  18 and up are adults.  But the term used is “adolescent fatality”.  This means that it includes not just children age 1-12, but also all the gang bangers that ended up dead in very adult activities.

Only certain states require background checks

Another flat out lie. It seems that they don’t think that a NICS check is really a background check and that a more comprehensive “personal history release” is needed.  And they claim that if you buy a gun “online” you don’t have to do a background check.

The blunt of it is that you need to go through a background check for any firearm you purchase that isn’t a person to person sale or FFL to FFL.  And the feds do not take lightly to people making money buying and selling firearms without an FFL.

2016 saw record-breaking gun manufacturing

And it is highly likely that there will be more manufactured this year than last.  Just like there are more of many items manufactured every year.

More guns is not something to be feared.

This is just a start of a debunk of “50 Facts About Guns In America”  A follow up on a reader comment about narratives.

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  1. That was posted in our local fishwrap as well. What few ‘facts’ they have are mostly debatable while the rest are polls and opinions.

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