Today is going to be a knife post heavy day.

This from the Regents Park Police on Twitter.

Scope is a charity that helps disabled people in the UK.  They operate shops in the UK, similar to Goodwill, to raise money for the disabled.  People donate their old household goods for resale.

Take a look at that picture.  One practice fencing foil, one rapier shaped novelty letter opener, three serving forks, two sharpening steels, and a fucking spoon.

A. Spoon.

London just lost a game of Knifey-Spoony.

In an effort to reduce stabbings, London has now banned all law-abiding spooning and forking.

This shit is getting ridiculous.

Freedom is dead on the Island.  The sun has finally set on the British.

A few years from now when the Brits will be reduced to buying pre-cut vegetables – meat having been outlawed because of its carbon footprint – they will be reminded that Oceana has always eaten with their fingers and the words silverware and cutlery are now crimethink.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “More pathetic knife news from the UK”
  1. The question is, what’s going to enslave Britannia first? Nanny state politically correctism, or Islam?

  2. So are sharpeners the high-capacity magazines of the knife world, making a regular knife somehow more.deadly? (I noticed several of them in the photo.)

  3. Most of those are KITCHEN KNIVES! I have a bunch of them. Of course they are legal in the U.S.. Poor British SUBJECTS.

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