I am sad to say I was waiting for something like this to happen.

2010 Tennessee Code
Title 39 – Criminal Offenses
Chapter 13 – Offenses Against Person
Part 1 – Assaultive Offenses
39-13-103 – Reckless endangerment.
39-13-103. Reckless endangerment.

(a) A person commits an offense who recklessly engages in conduct that places or may place another person in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury.

(b) Reckless endangerment is a Class A misdemeanor; however, reckless endangerment committed with a deadly weapon is a Class E felony.

So a kid is doing what kids that age do, specially if adults are not all over him. And you are going to sit there and tell us straight to our faces that all the kids at schools wear masks all the time? Bullshit they do. At best they may be having 60% compliance and pretend they did not see them unmasked.

I believe (I might be wrong) that this is just another example of a Teacher’s Union playing power politics just because the Governor happens to be Republican and they want to flex their power.

Jimmy Hoffa would be proud at their level of organization and corruption: “Do we need to fuck up a six-year-old’s life to demonstrate out power? Do it. “

And they will do so with a smile and joy in their souls.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

19 thoughts on “Maskless kid to be criminally charged by school.”
    1. I don’t see why. The Florida governor tried the same thing, school districts took him to court and won. Now half the districts in the state are refusing to follow the order and are mandating masks.
      Masks have become the Democrat’s version of red MAGA hats.

  1. When one of my boys was in kindergarten, he punched another kid in the crotch.

    A staff worker saw it, and the principal classified the incident as “unwanted sexual touching.”

    And so now we have to worry about that coming up later as “a history of sexual misconduct.”

  2. TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF SCHOOL. sue the shiite out of them. Scream and yell like an organ grinder monkey. Never let up. Never quit. The only way to stop these power hungry freaks is push push push
    They tried this sort of crap on me when i was in high school. “Meetings” to control me, threats of suspension( I said go ahead, Ill go home and go to work) alot they tried I ignored.

  3. I thought the “School to Prison Pipeline” was a bad thing?

    Maybe the school should just skip the intermediate steps and execute the kid?

  4. A Class A misdemeanor for a 6-year-old for not wearing a useless piece of cloth on their face all day?? When does the shooting start?

  5. Although they will threaten criminal prosecution to put the fear of god into the smelly Walmart shoppers, they will never go through with actual criminal charges. The risk of a trial with evidence that masks are useless and a Jury acquittal is too great.

  6. I realized years ago that a mandatory requirement for the job of school principal is a complete absence of functioning brains. The notes here confirm that conclusion.

  7. Nuke,

    The problem with your idea is that the kid is a minor. He will be tried in “Family Court,” where for his own good he will be judged by a Family Court Judge, not a Jury.

    Remember the judge that prevented a woman from seeing her kid because her Doctor told her not to get vaccinated? Typical Family Court Judge. Piss the judge off, and she/he will destroy your life and your family. Just because they can.

    1. It would be interesting to make a Constitutional test case out of such a proceeding. It’s thoroughly dubious that a “family judge” is a constitutionally permitted office. And quite apart from that, the Constitutionally protected rights relating to trial and jury do not come with age limits.

      1. ^^ This ^^

        If my kid were charged with a crime, especially on weak or no evidence, I’d be tempted to request (read: demand) his/her Constitutional right to a jury trial.

        IANAL, but I’d think that if such a request was not granted, it would be easy grounds for an appeal.

        If schools can’t search lockers or backpacks without just cause or reasonable suspicion because it violates students’ 4th Amendment rights, obviously children have Constitutional rights. I don’t see any reason trial by jury wouldn’t be included (finding a “jury of one’s peers” for a 6-year-old might prove … problematic … but it is nevertheless a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution).

        1. As the late L. Neil Smith has pointed out repeatedly, the “Bill of Rights” isn’t really what its name says. A better name would be “Bill of Prohibitions” — it states a whole bunch of things the government is forbidden to do. Since they are prohibitions of government actions, questions like “when do children get Constitutional rights” don’t make real sense. And more precisely, “does the 1st Amendment apply to children” does not make sense; it doesn’t apply to children and it doesn’t apply to you and me — it only applies to our legislators. To those it says “you shall not…”.

  8. If I understand correctly, the Federal education funding levels are set in mid October based on the number of students in the classrooms.

    Expect a LOT of schools to declare it is too dangerous for in person classes by the end of Oct. Right now, the teachers and administrators are tolerating kids in classrooms because they need the funds. As soon as the numbers are final, expect your kids back home all day.

  9. Tennessee still uses the common law rule of sevens. A child age 7 and under cannot formulate the intent to commit a crime.

  10. Anyone who hasn’t already realized that ‘public school union’ is a synonym for ‘grotesque subhuman monsters’ is the very definition of a useful idiot.

  11. Glad it aint my kid.
    Otherwise, New improved UpArmored Killdozer with projectile launchers.

    Flaten there shit
    School, police station, town buildings, it would all go

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