A bit more about the illegal aliens and the Shaming of America.

My local poop catcher:

Simply put “The evil minions of Trump know as ICE, shot Tear Gas canister to poor innocent toddlers that has walked thousands of miles from Honduras to seek refuge in America as it is their right.”

Somebody in Facebook made a comment that soon enough a young mother will be killed trying to cross the border so the Left can have a Bloody Shirt to wave around. I am upping the ante and predict they are going to kill a toddler and wave the proverbial bloody teddy bear or blankie .


2 Replies to “A bit more about the illegal aliens and the Shaming of America.”

  1. This is EXACTLY what the Left did to Israel over the summer.

    Video shows young men throwing rocks, bottles, and chunks of concrete at ICE and Border Patrol.

    No mention of that in the headlines, only women and children shot with tear gas.

    Soon enough the “refugees” will start throwing Molotov cocktails and CNN won’t report it.

  2. Which reporter gave the kid that flag? First US flag I’ve seen being waved by the “refugees”.

    (And are they sure those kids are even related to the adults herding them around?)

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