I’m going to double down on Miguel’s post.

A bit of tragic news hit the airwaves.  A little girl was choking in school.  An EMT with a private medical transport company was flagged down.  He stopped to help.  The girl had been choking too long and ended up brain dead, the EMT got suspended without pay for violating company policy.

I hate this story and love this story at the same time.  I hate it because of its tragic ending for the little girl.  I love it because it illustrates, as harshly as possible, life in a CSGV-esque utopia.

It’s not about the guns with the nannies and scolds.  Guns are a tool.  It is independence that these people detest.  A self reliant people do not need the government to come in and solve all of their problems.  Consequently, a self reliant people don’t need or want a big government.  Self reliance is in direct conflict with the nanny state.

So how does the nanny state make people less self reliant?  They take away the tools of self reliance.  Eventually the ability to help oneself wastes away from lack of use.

Why am I talking about guns and a government induced loss of self reliance and this little girl who choked to death.  Because it is the same mentality.  The article wonders why none of the girl’s teachers tried to help.  I can answer that.  My wife was a teacher.  Government union rules and risk aversion.  The opinion of the union was:

“You are not a medic, you are not trained to help, all you are going to do is make things worse, you can be held liable if you hurt the student trying to help, you can’t be held liable if the student dies while you were doing nothing.  DO NOTHING. DON’T HELP.  WAIT FOR THE EXPERTS.”

Teachers who violated this code of conduct were punished.  It is better to let a student die than help the student and risk making him/her worse.

Why was the EMT suspended?  Because doing good is not covered by their insurance and his company had the same stupid rules as the teachers, when it came to anybody who was not a paying client.  Better to let a bystander die than risk company liability.

Compare this to the actions of the armored car drivers during the North Hollywood Shootout who asked their company if they could use their armored car to provide cover for the officers who were helping the wounded.  The company said yes.  They were hailed as heroes.

This is what the CSGV advocates for in an active shooter scenario.  Don’t try and do anything yourself.  Attack the shooter and risk getting hurt.  Lay low and wait for the experts.  You can’t be blamed for getting killed if you did nothing.  Better to be a victim, dying on your knees, than to get shot trying to stop the killing.

People who have been disarmed, first physically then mentally, will do that… die on other knees waiting for help from the approved source.  The nanny state will honor these people as victims and create memorials to them.

Independent people will fight back.  A few may die in the process but more lives with be saved.  The nanny state will victim blame them for their own deaths.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “A comedy of government imposed errors”
  1. Well done. That point needs “doubling”, and your example is another good one. Also, “blaming the victim” is vastly exaggerated. Simply pointing out ignorance does not necessarily blame the ignorant. We all come into this world knowing nothing, and nobody knows it all before he leaves.


  2. One group learned that “sit down, cooperate, and wait for the experts” doesn’t really work back in September 2001. Notice that since then, you don’t see airplane hijackings- every wannabe hijacker or potential shoe bomber since is given a thorough beat down by passengers and crew.

  3. Lay low and wait for the experts. You can’t be blamed for getting killed if you did nothing.

    I’d blame myself, while looking back from whatever afterlife I’m headed to.

    People who know me would blame me, or at least wonder why I didn’t even try to stop an event-in-progress. Those people have the same understanding of events I do: the “experts” are going to arrive in time to clean up, so it’s best to make sure it’s the bad guy lying on the ground.

    When the bad guy is actively harming or killing people, it’s pretty damned difficult to make things worse than they already are.

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