I saw Miguel’s post Let’s sit back and enjoy the Canadian Experiment and thought how relevant that is to the post I was working on.

From The Trace:

Guns Recovered by Mexico’s Military Come Mostly From U.S. Makers

In the wake of a judge’s decision to throw out the Mexican government’s lawsuit against the gun industry, data shows American companies produce the weapons driving cartel violence.

On September 30, a federal judge dismissed a groundbreaking legal challenge to the gun industry filed by the government of Mexico. The suit laid out an argument that major U.S. gunmakers have knowingly facilitated more than a decade of deadly cartel violence across the southern border. They have done this, Mexico argued, by marketing weapons in a way that attracts criminals and turning a blind eye to those weapons’ diversion into trafficking routes. The judge dismissed the claim on account of a special legal shield enjoyed by the gun industry.

Mexico’s government is one of the most corrupt in the world.  Its ability, or lack there of, to fight the cartels has nothing to do with American gun manufacturers and everything to do with them.

Suing American gun manufacturers because they can’t keep their own people in line is a farce.

To date, data underlying Mexico’s dramatic pronouncements — that as much as 90 percent of all guns recovered on Mexican soil originated in the U.S.; that as many as 597,000 weapons slip over the border each year, most from American gun manufacturers — has only been shared in aggregate form by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

U.S. gun manufacturers make up seven out of the top 10 companies whose guns are most frequently seized by the Mexican military. Colt Manufacturing, based in Hartford, Connecticut, led the list, with more than 8,500 firearms — 6.8 percent of all guns recovered in Mexico over the 10-year span. Winchester Repeating Arms, based in New Haven, Connecticut, followed in second place with over 4,000 weapons recovered. Major gunmakers including Smith & Wesson, Remington, Ruger, and Browning, also appear in the top 10.

Unless the cartels hit a shipment of Colts I can’t believe that those were civilian guns bought from gun stores.  So I’m dubious of that.


This is being used to justify more restrictions on American gun manufacturers and law abiding American citizens.

The more direct solution is to seal the border.

Call me whatever name you want, but I fundamentally believe that US Constitutional rights expressly and exclusively belong to US citizens.

When such a situation like this arises, before we take the tiniest step in restricting the rights of Americans we should exhaust every option in the restrictions on non-citizens.

I’d rather turn the US/Mexico border into an impassable no man’s land of barbed wire, landmines, and intersecting fields of machine gun fire than impose gun control on Americans to protect the government of Mexico.

But the Left will open the border land and shut down the gun industry to protect the corrupt government of Mexico.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “A compelling reason to seal the border but they will push gun control”
  1. Full disclosure: I provide tinfoil hats for all who request them. That said, in this case here, I believe former president’s administrations are still in power behind the political scene. And the present administration is really the third term of the Obama administration, which uses Biden to distract and run interference while implementing strategies which will destroy the USA as a constitutional republic.

    Mexico attempting to bring legal action against the USA gun industry sounds like the same Obama strategy used to run Fast and Furious. Obama attempted to establish a firearms pipeline across the border to Mexico in order to pursue legal action and eventually to directly attack the second amendment. This latest effort I believe did not come from Mexico alone, but instead was primarily initiated by the Obama administration via Mexico. And you can bet, there is a Plan B, which will unfold not too far in the distant future.

  2. Back during the F&F Fiasco the same thing was said- America is to blame…. Until it came out that mexican army members got caught selling FULL AUTO (real) AK47s for the princely sum of $75 US dollars… now if you were in a cartel what would you buy?? A 400-500 $$ norinco pos or a REAL AK for $75??? The members of the church of lientoligy is grasping at straws to try and save thier ass…they haven’t learned that screaming gun control isnt working anymore

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