A conflicted Liberal

So this happened.

And then comes the even worse news: The company was aware of the investigation and had been cooperating with authorities for quite a while.

Bear Creek Arsenal said it is cooperating and added that “Homeland Security has confirmed that our Human Resource Department had complied with all laws, rules, and regulations in our hiring practices.”

This is why it is important to research the type of company you are going to work for, specially if you are going to be doing it in a criminal manner.  Firearms’ industries tend to attract the attention of the Feds and if you are illegal and working with fake papers, you may get in deep doodoo.


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  1. The ignorance of some people knows no bounds. I worked construction on a Nuclear power plant. As construction completed, security protocols were instituted including vehicle searches at the property entrances. Six months prior to implementation, letters were sent out advising that on a given date, drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc. would not be permitted on site property and that all vehicles were subject to physical search. The same message was sent out at one month, two weeks and one week prior. On the day of implementation many people were shocked to find their cars being searched by security guards with K9s. Drugs, beer and other contraband were seized, some folks lost their (high paying) jobs, and predictably decried the searches as an illegal infringement of their “rights.” How stupid do you have to be not to clean the roaches out of your ashtray, or leave the case of beer at home, when you know your vehicle will be searched.

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