This blew my mind.

Pramila Jayapal is a second term Congresswoman from Seattle.  She is the Co-chair of the Progressive Caucus.

Clearly, she is a communist.

What she replying to is this article from Bloomberg:

Health Insurers Sink as ‘Medicare for All’ Idea Gains Traction

Health insurers are leading declines among health-care stocks as investors turned their focus to Democrats’ new “Medicare for all” bill that would replace almost all private plans and assessed the implications of a Senate hearing on surging drug prices.

The S&P 500 Managed Health Care Index plunged as much as 4.9 percent, the most since Dec. 6, led by UnitedHealth Group Inc., Humana Inc. and WellCare Health Plans Inc. The broader health sector index fell 0.8 percent.

First, I want to get out of the way this minor point.  This is that “clapback politics” that I hate so much.  Rep. Jayapal didn’t make any sort of economic argument, she was just stupid and snarky.  But it was the kind of snark that her followers liked, so they sent her back fire emojies and she “won” the non-argument.

To the bigger point, this is a sitting United States Congresswoman celebrating the loss in stock value of health insurance companies.

So what that almost 2.7 million people work for insurance companies.

So what that insurance companies are part of an $840 Billion per year industry.

So what that people have 401(k) plans, retirement plans, college savings plans all invested in insurance companies.

The financial hit to almost 18% of our economy is nothing as long as Rep. Jayapal personally hates the insurance industry for ideological reasons.

Her Twitter feed is filled with people supporting her on this, but the reply Tweet that was the worst was this one.

Again, I must bring of the Iron Law of Bureaucracy.

In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control and those dedicated to the goals the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely.

The goverment bureaucrats who will be in charge of government run healthcare are not altruists motivated by a desire to help people any more than, and probably a lot less than, an insurance industry executive.

They will only be concerned about increasing the size, power, and budget of the bureaucracy they oversee.  Unlike a private industry executive, a bureaucrat is almost impossible to fire.

Government run healthcare is healthcare run by Robert Runcie.  When thousands or millions of people die because of a totally predicable incident due to the failure of the bureaucracy, he won’t get fired but promoted.

This is what the Democrats stand for in 2019.

Keep in mind Nancy Pelosi called Jayapal “a rising star in the Democratic caucus.”

Screw nearly one-fifth of the economy and all the economic destruction that will come from it if it means I can force my government program down everyone’s’ throat.”


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “A Congresswoman who doesn’t get it (on health insurance)”
  1. No it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that there is no longer and individual mandate…

  2. This reminds me of when GM stockholders were wiped out when the Federal government took them over and the company became Motors Liquidation Company. Lots of folks were gleeful that “investors” were hurt, being oblivious that many retirement funds (including those of major Democrat-loving unions like teachers and Teamsters) lost lots of $$$ because of it.

  3. It’s a feature not a bug. With the Insurance companies driven to bankruptcy the next logical step is national heath service (NHS) that has worked so well in Blighty.

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