Following the Charleston Church Shooting, the State of Virginia, in a move championed by the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, has revoked the Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates it once issued.  Virginia drivers who had them, were required to send them back in.  Approximately 1,600 Confederate plates had been issued, and a whopping 187 have been returned.

These are licence plates.  License.  Plates.  And only 1,600 of them, all in one state.

Just how well do you think a mandatory, nation wide, gun buyback would work?


Two commenters brought up the 10% compliance rate observed in NY and CT following their gun bans/registrations.

I thought about that a little and decided up update this post.  There is a difference between guns and licence plates regarding this issue.  You only have as many licence plates as you do cars (let’s leave out motorcycles, etc.).  Most families in America have 2 cars (the average is 2.3 cars per household).  Let’s assume when it comes to specialty vanity plates, there is only one per household, so the 1,600 issued plates equates to 1,600 separate households.  If 10% of people comply, that’s gets about 160 plates.  The actual number was 187 so about 12%.

Guns are different.  There are many people who own just one gun.  There are many more who own between “a few” and “so many they’ve lost count.”  At last count, in 2009, the govt estimated there were 310 MILLION guns in the US.  Better estimates put the number at, at least 350 MILLION spread out over 120 million people.

By straight numbers, 10% compliance assumes that some 35 million guns will be turned in.  I doubt it will be that high.  I’d guess closer to 10 million.  The 10% of people who turn them in would most likely be the single gun owner.  The target shooter with one .22 rifle or the casual (Fudd) hunter with one deer rifle.  The “gun nuts” with multiple guns, I believe are much less likely to comply.  Maybe 10% of people will comply, but that won’t translate to a 10% reduction in guns.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “A dose of reality”
  1. We call him McNasty here in Virginia, the flood of libs in Northern VA working for the fed gov has ruined our great state. Millions of $ from billionaires like bloomburg bought the office for him, he never held office in VA before not even sewer district supervisor.

  2. I know they will not get my guns,if they ever wanted to create more law breakers this would be the way.The need for guns will always be there,protection,hunting,and target shooting,or simply to collect them.If they don’t think guns are needed then try disarming the police and see how that works.Disarming us is the same thing,when it’s save for them it will be safe for us.I have been a law abiding person all my life,but to ask me to leave me and mine not protected is pushing it to far.

  3. I do not understand how they can demand the plates be returned?
    The plates were issued, they are not defective, and have not expired. What is their authority? Did the legislature decide the plates are now illegal, or was it one person in the Governor’s office?

    1. License plates are an issued item, not a ‘purchased’ item. If you read the documentation on your vehicle registration, it will say that the plates are the property of the issuing state and must be surrendered on order from the state DMV.

      That said, I side with the scofflaws in this case. It is a completely bullshit political stunt, recalling the battle flag plates. I, personally, would only comply because I’m aiming for a FFL and don’t want to give the ATF any excuse to say ‘no’.

  4. I don’t own any guns >-_-<


    That's a piece of art.

    So is that.

    So I like art of a militaristic nature, so sue me.

    Now git.

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