Just demonstrate to a generation of boys raised by single moms that every woman in just a whore that expose herself for money.

I can’t see how that will lead to anything positive for a healthy, long lasting, sustainable society.

I predict that in a few year boys in college won’t ask girls for their phone number to text for dates but their OnlyFans handle to subscribe to.  It will be normal in a few years.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “A generation of ruined boys”
  1. I may have mentioned this before, but when my kids started school I was genuinely shocked at how quickly and easily I was able to identify boys of single moms.

      1. What some people call “jumping to conclusions,” I call “pattern matching.”

        Essentially, there’s a set of behaviors in young (less than 8 or 9 years old) boys that indicate they’re the alpha male in their house.
        If they are generally ill-behaved, show no deference to any adult whatsoever, do not have any empathy….basically they’re psychopaths with ADHD that aren’t able to physically hurt anyone yet and thus haven’t quite gotten punched in the face so far.

        That could also happen in a house where mom and dad both work and neither pays attention to the kid, but 80%+ of the time it’s a single mom who just doesn’t have the time or energy or gravitas to properly discipline her son.

  2. Why put any effort into having a romantic relationship when you can see her naked online for $6.99 right now?

  3. I believe it was already covered up on this site how a college was holding a workshop on how to set up an onlyfans. We’re already there.

  4. “I predict that in a few year boys in college won’t ask girls for their phone number to text for dates but their OnlyFans handle to subscribe to. “

    Ben beat me to it but reality is why spend $100 or more on dinner/date, and end up without so much as a kiss at the end of the night, when you can see her for a whopping $6.99?

    Added benefit, if she turns out to be a psycho (what are the odds, running an only fans page and being rational minded are not exactly compatible), you will not get the crazy psycho stalker thing. (Oh, and if you live in a red flag law, she cannot claim you are abusive to hurt you.)

    Shame OnlyFans was not around when I was in HS. There were a lot of hot girls I would have loved to see naked, but they were also… well… not exactly sane either.

    1. Found in my limited interaction with womens that the REALLY good looking ones ARE seriously flawed in the psychological arena….. and nowa days it would scare me to death to be single and looking for a REAL relationship..

    2. The general population of females in my H.S. could be summed up thusly:

      Single. Attractive. Mentally stable. — Pick any two.

      Your best bet was to find one with a mental instability compatible with your personality and desires.

      Nowadays in my town’s schools, you can add “Primary spoken language matches yours” … and still only get to pick two.

  5. Kids today will never know the struggle of having to make do with scrambled Skinnimax or the borrowed copy of a well used (and disgusting) skin mag.

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