This came across my newsfeed this morning, a headline from CNN”

He was one of the first prisoners released under Trump’s criminal justice reform law. Now he’s accused of murder.

Trump passed a law that let him get out o jail early and he killed somebody, that means Trump is guilty of murder.

Joel Francisco was 14 years into a life sentence for selling crack cocaine when he got his second chance.

A landmark piece of criminal justice reform legislation, passed with the support of President Donald Trump and rare bipartisan backing, had made Francisco newly eligible for an older law that reduced the sentences for convicted crack dealers.

Wait… I thought heavy sentences for crack were racist?

Last month, he was handcuffed again, accused this time of stabbing to death 46-year-old Troy Pine at a Providence, Rhode Island, hookah lounge.

More than 4,700 inmates have been released from prison under the law since its signing late last year, according to the Department of Justice, and federal officials believe Francisco is the first among them to be accused of murder.

While an outlier, his case is raising questions and resurfacing concerns from detractors of the legislation.

Hu?  I thought criminal justice reform was good and that we should be releasing people who were only guilty of “non-violent” drug offenses.

Everything about this guy’s early release as a crack dealer seems to be a Leftist wet dream.  But since it was Bad Orange Man who signed the law, when the ex-con recidivates and kills someone, it’s Trump’s fault.

I’m not a fan of criminal justice reform in general.  Letting institutionalized criminals out to appease the bleeding hearts seems like a bad idea.

But this headline, given the context of the article, is biased bullshit.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “A glaring example of Media Bias”
  1. Let’s see. Of 4700 released prisoners, only one is reported to be on the way back to jail for a violent crime?

    Obviously, a complete failure, and Trump should be impeached for allowing this to happen. In fact, the law should be repealed, and all prisoners released early, and currently living crime free, should be returned to prison.

  2. Obviously the solution is the San Fran approach, and not arrest drug dealers in the first place. (end sarcasm)

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