Let them expose themselves sexually to your children or they will murder your children.

That seems to be their argument.


Who is this?



So you better let men in drag perform sexually explicitly material to your children.

If you try and stop them, they will murder your children.

I don’t negotiate with pedophiles or terrorists.

Gentlemen, prepare your woodchippers.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “A grotesque ultimatum”
  1. “I just hope noone gets shot over this”…… except Maga hat wearing straight white guys who love America right?…. Hey honey, bring friends..

  2. OK, once again.
    Drag has been, and can still be, a legit art form. Theater, Milton Bearle/vaudeville, Monty Python, even more recent items like Mrs. Doubtfire, or Tootsie.
    But, there has not been a single instance of drag that was anything less than PG-13. The overwhelming majority of it was R or NC-17 to X rated.
    Which means that anyone pushing to perform drag in front of children is knowingly exposing children to sexual content that is not age appropriate. It would be no different that a strip club owner refusing to deny entry to pre-schoolers.
    But, for some reason, these people feel the need to perform in front of children so strongly that these types of tweets are common.

  3. The “drag ban” says not on public property and not in front of children. Nightclubs, theaters imposing age restrictions, private homes — all good as long as there are no kids.

    So, yes, this freak is threatening violence SPECIFICALLY because it’s not allowed to groom kids.

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