10 Replies to “A Gun Horror Video.”

  1. Wasn’t too bad until the power tools came out. He managed to round off the barrel flats, left it in the white and handled with bare hands so the rust will be back, and of course the cylinder doesn’t rotate when the trigger is pulled.

  2. So he took a gun that was ugly as s#!t and “restored” it to be ugly as sin.

    And NRW is right: the cylinder doesn’t advance when the trigger is pulled. It’s a non-revolver.

    So you get MAYBE one shot (which with as much metal was removed, I wouldn’t even trust for that).

  3. I’ve always liked the Webley. I wouldn’t carry one for self-defense or anything, there’s much more practical modern options for that… But as an item of historical significance, it’s rather neat. (Granted, I have a big soft spot for British Empire militaria, so I’m biased.) I’d love to have one… But not this one.

    1. And what cowboy aficionado could resist a chance to add a Smith & Wesson Model 3 “Schofield” revolver to their collection?

      Not every gun you own needs to be tactical and practical, some times you just gotta get one that’s fun.

    2. I’ve got an old S&W “Lemon Squeezer” top break in .38 S&W, which I picked up for about the cost of a box of .38 S&W ammo.

      The sights are pretty much useless on it, and the ammo is fairly limited.
      I could imagine cutting one down into a nice little 2 1/2″ snub pocket gun- in partnership with a good machinist that could do the job without derping it up of course.

  4. The guy admits he knows nothing about firearms. I watch the whole thing. When he stuck that Dremel in the barrel I cringed.

  5. Mark Novak (C&Rsensal’s go to gunsmith) would be all over this guy, with the rich vocabulary of a retired Chief Petty Officer. Starting with failure to immediately confirm the gun is unloaded before muzzling himself and his camera. Then failure to disassemble before cleaning and not using boiling water to preserve the rust bluing. The Phillips screws are also a major fail point as is the non-existent cylinder timing. Plus leaving it in the white means it will rust again without constant care. Plus drilling holes in the frame for the new grip screws. Oy vey, what a schmuck.

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