Warning, the video is graphic:


Foaming bathroom cleaner and a broom handle accomplished nothing.

A very sharp knife across the throat just behind the jaw would have worked much better.

Shooting would also be more effective but I’d be worried about missing and hurting the Golden Retriever or a bystander.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “A knfe or a gun would have solved this quickly”
  1. This is why I always carry a high quality dagger type blade and a four inch pick. A pick to the eye socket would have stopped this attack. This woman has no right to be walking a dog she can not control. But what is often the case, women buy the most dangerous dogs in order to have protection they know they need. Problem is, they don’t train for situations like this one. If they did, they’d know they don’t have the strength to hold back their dog from attacking other dogs and thus would not allow for situations like this one to occur.

  2. If that was my dog getting attacked, I would be making contact shots on the pitbull until it stopped, as many reloads as it takes.

  3. That was very difficult to watch.

    The owner just stood there with her thumb up her a$$ making little effort to control her dog.

    I would no be surprised if she wanted to press charges against those bad people who hurt her widdle doggie. Grrrr.

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