By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “A little insurrectionist humor”
    1. I heard it as “Are those level 4 plates?”

      For people that don’t know, body armor is rated in levels.
      Level I: .22LR .38 ACP
      Level II: 9mm FMJ
      Level IIA: .45 ACP .40 S&W
      Level III: 5.56×45 7.62×51
      Level IIIA: .44 Mag, .347 Mag
      Level III+: 5.56×45 (62 grain steel penetrator) 30-06 JSP
      Level IV: 30-06 M2AP

      In other words, they were asking “Will your body armor stop 30-06 class rounds?”

      The ATF agent decides it is time to go. Now I’m willing to bet that this was staged. ATF have no humor. It is surgically removed right before being sworn in. If this had gone done, I’m pretty sure we would heard them come back in force.

      That plus the fact it was being filmed for ticky-tocky.

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