There are going to be a lot more of these mass shootings in the coming months and years and it has become abundantly clear that nobody in government or in the media gives a shit about trying to fix the problem.

I have been following social media and the news today and it has been nothing but a raging dumpster fire.

CNN correspondent and piece of human garbage Chris Cuomo spent his hour-long show in El Paso going on and on about Trump’s rhetoric and white supremacism.

The El Paso shooter’s manifesto was filled with white supremacist garbage so CNN decided to use it to attack Trump.  Their desire to ignore the Dayton shooter was glaringly obvious.

Online, the situation was worse.

By and large, those people associated with the political Left used the El Paso shooter as a proxy for all white men or Republicans or Trump supporters.

The Social Justice Activists and Feminists were out in force with “white men are the real terrorists.”

The fucking awful New York Daily News ran this truly despicable headline:

Ethnicity, terrorism and me: When will we start scrutinizing white Americans’ friends, families and places of worship?

The point isn’t to try and stop these shootings, the point is to make white people feel the same way that Muslims did after 9/11 and Fort Hood.

Then there were those on the Right who responded to all of this with “but what about the Daytona shooter, he was a Lefty.”

Nobody, virtually nobody online or on TV had any interest in doing anything remotely fucking constructive.  Instead, the whole point was to just dig at the other side.

As long as the focus is on “how can this shooting get me air time to attack my political opponents” than nothing will get done to prevent the next one.

Let me clue you in on something.  It doesn’t matter one iota that the El Paso shooter was a white supremacist or the Dayton shooter was a Lefty.  Their violence came from exactly the same place.

White supremacism isn’t a cause, it is a symptom.

It is a cult that attracts losers who are miserable.  They are unemployed or work shit dead-end jobs.  They have money troubles.  They have girl problems.  They suck.  So they latch onto an ideology that allows them to blame others for their problems.

The Dayton shooter was, fundamentally, no different.  He wasn’t a white supremacist.  He had a rape list of all the girls that rejected him that he wanted to have sex with.  That’s solid evidence that he was an incel, or at least was heading in that direction.

It’s the same fucking thing.  White supremacists blame their miserly on race.  Incels blame it on women and hookup culture.  Both are cults of losers who are lonely and miserable and don’t have the introspection to fix themselves.

They lash out with violence because hate is all they have left in them from their cult of misery.

So if we wanted to actually fucking do something, we should investigate why so many young men are so miserable.  Why their lives are not progressing in a positive way.  And why they are drawn into a destructive online cult of hate.

But that requires that people do real work, and nobody in DC or TV or Twitter apparently has any time for real work.  The outrage machine feeds clicks and likes and air time for ad revenue, and speaking fees and contributions.  There is money to be made taking digs at the other side.

So what we get is “your side is full of white supremacists who are the real threat to America and now it’s time that white men are made to suffer.”

“No, it’s your side because this guy was a Bernie/Warren fan.”

“It’s the NRA’s fault.  The gun makers have blood on their hands.”


All that is going to happen is that more young men are going to fall down the rabbit hole of internet hate groups and more of them are going to kill people.

And the powers that be are going to respond with more political finger-pointing, and using every shooting as nothing but an excuse to push their agenda and dig at their opponents.

The problem will not be fixed.  Our leaders can’t prioritize anything over scoring political points.

So another shooting will happen and once again I’m going to have to worry about politicians attacking gun rights or video games or something else irrelevant to the actual cause of these shootings.

Nobody important gives enough of a shit to do anything meaningful so this will keep happening.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “A lot more people are going to die in mass shootings and it’s clear nobody wants to fix it”
  1. Nobody’s going to fix it, but the Oligarchy is busily creating more losers:
    “All you peasants are going to have to scale back your expectations and make do with less, while We The Anointed flit around in our private jets to all the lavish climate-change shindigs.”
    As well, of course, as spreading the message that Humanity Is Ruining The Planet, and therefore There Are Too Many People, and We Must Thin Them Out.
    And designating targets, either by collective identity or as lists of named individuals who are Enemies Of The Cause and don’t deserve to live.
    So, yeah. Expect more. Don’t expect any constructive approaches to mental health issues, alienation, etc.; and remember: if politicians solved a problem, they’d be out of a job.
    (Highly non-constructive approach to mental-health issues: promise future legislation promising to strip people with an ever-expanding list of diagnoses of their civil rights. I gorr-an-double-damn-tee there are vets out there with PTSD who are trying really hard to avoid being diagnosed, lest a PTSD diagnosis subsequently become grounds for confiscating their guns.)

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep saying it until everyone understands.

    Democrats, democrat politicians, liberal news sources, dont want to end shootings. They love shootings. The bloodier the better. Every time some crazed gunman goes out and shoots up a mall, a school, a public square, it gives them leverage to try and take guns out of the hands of the people who would try and stop them when they reenact Tienaman Square.

    They dont want to stop shootings, they want more of them.

  3. But that requires that people do real work, and nobody in DC or TV or Twitter apparently has any time for real work.

    DC and TV and Twitter (and every other major social media site) actively censor “hateful” speech. The politicians and journ-o-lists who rely on Twitter as a news feed (i.e. don’t work for it) never see these things…

    … that is, until someone’s “manifesto” is posted, and that someone commits a heinous act of violence. (And if there were no violence, the “manifesto” would be removed because it violates various “terms of service”; it’s only ever spread because of the violence.)

    So what happens if a person’s entire belief system is banned from social media for violating “terms of service”, but they still have a message they want publicized?

    You said it: All that is going to happen is that more young men are going to fall down the rabbit hole of internet hate groups and more of them are going to kill people.

    I said it yesterday: social media censorship, ostensibly intended to “protect” society from hateful and/or violent rhetoric, instead feeds it. By driving “hate speech” away from forums where it could be confronted and challenged, to forums where a hate-filled person finds community support in their mutual hate (and encouragement to do something about it), censorship contributes heavily to the problem while providing no solutions.

    I’m not yet at the point where I’m willing to hold social media corporations civilly and criminally accountable for the role their censorship plays in “feeding the trolls”, but I think this should serve as a warning that accountability is a future possibility.

    [sarcasm] Besides which, the Left loves them some “red flag” laws, but those “warning signs” must be posted in public to be seen and acted upon. If the “public” forums ban such things, how will those “red flag” laws work to keep us all safe? [/sarcasm]

    (Nothing like turning Leftists against each other. 😉 )

  4. The Dems like to keep suggesting gun laws that do nothing to slove the problem, then push a different law after the last on failed, the Dem media loves to hype everything that happens to stir up more hate and conflict. Call names, make threats against everything. The president was correct the media is the enemy of this country

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