This is the biggest gun news since Bruen.

This is Justice John Coffey’s opinion in Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Dean F. Donnell.


This is absolutely beautiful.

This is a justification for concealed carry reciprocity that ignores full faith and credit.

It goes director Bruen and states that a stare must recognize an adjoining state’s permit if that state’s standard for issuing a permit is objective.

It further recognizes that the safe passage provision of FOPA is contradicted by Bruen, since having an unloaded and locked gun is useless for self-defense.

As a resident of New Hampshire, I love this decision.  I’m familiar with the mall in Nashua he talks about and the property does straddle state lines.  If you get on 495, it crosses into Massachusetts before going back into New Hampshire, so it’s entirely possible to be in violation of the law on the interstate while being legal where you started and ended your trip.

This opinion really sets precedent that all state’s must acknowledge other states’ carry permits under Bruen.

I hope this stands up to scrutiny and appeals, because this would be an incredible victory for gun rights.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “A Massachusetts judge set precedent for 50 state CCW reciprocity”
  1. It would be nice. Mass is a blight on New England… and that blight is creeping into the other states. In my travels for work I stay out of there. I know the Nashua area pretty well. Lots of “big city” attitudes there.. Salem NH is even worse..

  2. That’s a state judge, in MA? Damn. Too bad it doesn’t have any effect outside of that state, because I’d really like to visit the museums in shitcago…

    1. That’s the thing about precedent. Residents of every state that doesn’t have reciprocity with a neighboring state need to sue.

  3. Where in the 2nd Amendment does it mention permits to exercise the right? This whole business of full faith and credit and reciprocity is BS. Pure BS. “permits? we don’t need no stinking permits!”

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