By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “A message from The White House”
  1. We’re not seeing any lack of Turkeys in my area (Central MN)

    0.89/pound & plenty of supply. Obviously not the case for everybody.

    1. Chris is right.

      We are also a lot closer to the Farms and the Processors. I was at the Grocery Store yesterday. I mentioned to the real live butcher there, that for a shortage, the freezers and the refrigerator section were awful full. He said, “We have eight more pallets in the freezer!”

  2. Just drove back home from manchester new hampshire- over 200 miles and judging by the traffic no one gives a crap about high gas prices. EVERYONE was on the road. F. J. B. F. O. FUK DEMOCRATS.. happy Thanksgiving yall!

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