Another caravan of people from Central America is making its way north to the United States.

The popular talking point I’ve seen as a rebuttal to Americans who oppose this flagrant violation of US law is (paraphrasing) “but huge numbers of Irish came to the US.”

Of course, the Left doesn’t know history so they seem to forget just how contentious that was.  You’d think they would know at least that because there was a Leo DiCaprio movie about it (Gangs of New York).  They might be shocked to know that the Irish were often greeted with mob violence.  Anti Immigrant brutality in New York City was just as bad – or worse – as any KKK action in the South.

But I digress….

So here is my modest proposal:

I am willing to go back to 1850’s immigration law IF we can also go back to 1850’s welfare and gun laws.

If 3,000 people can just walk into America because they want to, I should be able to order a pistol (or a machine gun) out of a catalog and have it shipped to my house because I want to.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “A modest proposal on immigration”
  1. Those “huge numbers of Irish” also came here legally. Sure, the process to get into the US was different then, but they still obeyed the law.

    No one has a problem with the “immigration” half of the phrase “illegal immigration,” we have a problem with the “illegal” part. The radical left knows this and that is why they are so dogged in their attempts to scrub the term “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien” from all discussions about it. They want us to conflate an Italian family on Ellis Island with proper paperwork with an MS-13 gun runner sneaking across a fence in Juarez with a backpack full of PCP.

  2. Open Borders -OR- a Welfare State.

    You cannot have both.

    Western Europe is trying to do both. They will not last long.

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