A personal reminder of the triumph of Venezuelan Socialism.


That is 138,500 Venezuelan Bolivares. I got them in eBay for $2.40 from a numismatic company so you know they are making a profit.  The bills are worthless for commercial use and I framed them as a reminder of what Socialism did to my country of origin.

And I am going to give you a bit of trivia about these bills: The paper, ink and work used to print them was more expensive than the face value of the bills at the time of issuance, just 2 years ago.

And to think that there are people in this country, even Venezuelans that left because of the conditions, who voted for Socialists like Bernie Sanders or Ocasio-Cortez, leaves me speechless.

4 Replies to “A personal reminder of the triumph of Venezuelan Socialism.”

  1. Remind me of a college classmate who went to a mission field somewhere in South America. He visited our local church while on furlough and passed out some bank notes, 100 pesos IIRC – he said that they were worth about 2 cents in US currency. I still have it somewhere, it makes a colorful bookmark.

  2. You would think the lightbulb would go on in their feeble little minds… sad . It is a great example of socialism and democrat marketing to convince some that socialism is great.
    They are always on about “equality”. Yes- everyone equality POOR!

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