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9 thoughts on “A photo from Ukraine that should make John Milius smile”
  1. One has to wonder about Photoshop, but if so, it’s an unusually skillful job (look at the shadows over the text).
    I don’t suppose it’s really strange for that movie to be known in formerly occupied Europe.

    1. стілець стоїть біля стіни.

      за умови, що перекладач Google надійний, звичайно.

  2. I listened to all the well credentialed experts, I thought Russia was going to overrun Ukraine in about a week to a month. Ukraine is not only not being overrun, but Russia has retreated back across the Belarus border from the Kiev. Sumy. and Chernihiv sectors. Mariopul is still holding out. Russia is retreating away from Odessa. Russia cannot seem to find enough solders to throw into their attacks.

    1. There was an article I saw yesterday where Kyiv is basically returning to normal. Shops are open, people are out getting coffee , groceries, and haircuts. People are driving around and walking the streets. Not without a a bit of caution I presume, but those are some hardy folks.

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