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13 thoughts on “A plague of “who gives a f*ck” is spreading like wildfire through the under 60 age bracket”
    1. From Big Yellow Taxi:

      “Hey farmer, farmer, put away your DDT
      I don’t care about spots on my apples
      Leave me the birds and the bees”

      That line is what hippies used to ban DDT.

      Except DDT wasn’t used to stop spotted apples. It was used to stop malaria spreading mosquitoes. The DDT ban killed millions of children by allowing malaria epidemics to surge back.

      1. I think Silent Spring, published by Rachel Carson in 1962, started it. Joni Mitchell and her ilk just jumped on the band wagon. The “science” was bad, but it was popular, the belief remains today. It may indeed have had a negative impact on wildlife, but there are issues with the studies Carson cited. DDT is still used in some places, but sadly, many mosquitoes now are resistant. We know unequivocally malaria harms humans. Hundreds of thousands die every year. According to WHO, there were 241 million malaria cases and 627,000 malaria deaths worldwide in 2020. Fifty-seven percent of the deaths are among children under the age of five. Where are the songs for them?

        This has special significance to me. My father was among the first group of Skeeter Beaters, a malaria control unit of the US Navy that fought malaria in the South Pacific. Before the Skeeter Beaters, more allied soldiers died from malaria than they did from the enemy. Dad contracted malaria — twice — in spite of the fact he and his fellow corpsmen were dusted from head to toe with DDT regularly. My father died three weeks before his 91st birthday from a head injury received in a fall. I don’t believe we can blame DDT, in spite of his significant exposure.

        1. Dating myself; back in the fifties the neighborhood kids would chase the DDT spraying pickup through the neighborhood. Dad gave us mercury to play with. We melted lead out of sewer pipe joints to sell. We went everywhere barefoot. We drank out of the garden hose. We rode on the running boards and in the beds of the pickups. We rode on the cow catcher bumpers and in the headache rack of the winch trucks. According to modern wussy’s, I’ve been dead at least 60 years, I just haven’t fallen down, yet.

          1. Metallic mercury is pretty inert and pretty harmless. Mercury vapors are not so good. Organic mercury compounds are bad news.
            The problem with anti-science types is that they don’t understand or want to know such differences.
            My father had a clock with a mercury jar pendulum bob (for temperature correction). I really wanted to inherit that for its non-PC value, but unfortunately it disappeared before I could get to it.

  1. So w/ all the virtue signalling, how many will actually remove their stuff from Spotify? In contrast… w/ all the publicity they’re giving Rogan, how much of an increase in listeners is he going to see?

  2. Not a small fraction of the over-60 crowd too, most likely. As in the “geez, get over yourselves” sentiment.

  3. I don’t know about Neil, but Janis hasn’t owned her music for about 52 years or so. Dying does tend to throw off the personal ownership of music rights.

  4. I was assigned a book report in school in the ’60’s. The book was Silent Spring. My teacher was astonished that I panned the book.

  5. Joni Mitchell?
    That Canuckistani cryptkeeper is still alive?
    The one who last charted a single 44 years ago?

    Send her the last check from Spotify for 27 cents, and tell her to go call someone who cares with the proceeds.

    If she’d been hit by a bus anytime since Jimmy Carter was president, no one would have even noticed.

    Joni Michell: “I’ll leave!”
    Curly Bill Spotify: “Well……Bye.”

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