That’s a Jew-hunt.

Get out of states that won’t let you carry a gun, get armed, and be prepared.

It’s only going to get worse.

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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “A pogrom in Berkeley”
  1. when will Jews who habitually vote for democrats figure out the very ones they support are the ones stamping on thier necks. when liberals are done extermination of Jews do you think they will just go away??? look at the propaganda of “white Christians” coming across the borders illegally! time to think people has gone by. serious thinking should be at the forefront.

    1. That is not the nature of the Jews. They have a long history of placing themselves into situations that turn into genocide attempts against all Jews.
      Perhaps is it religious, or cultural, I do not know. But, for some reason, if they have a choice between the Lady or the Tiger, they seem to always select the tiger.

      1. It depends on which Jews. Reform Jews in Portland might be eager to prove they are good citizens by boarding the box cars. Chabad near me has weekly range time and the majority of members carry. In between ymmv, I know some Reconstructionists carry but there is no policy either way.

    2. I vote for never.

      For some reason I’m not sure of, I know a *bunch* of Jews very, very well. I think it has to do with my religious orientation — a Christian who considers himself Bnei Noach. In any case, I clump my friends into three groups. The first are hard-core Conservative and Orthodox Jews who are both ethnic and religious Jews. They almost all are pretty conservative when it comes to both politics and theology. The second are Messianic Jews who are also mostly pretty conservative in both politics and theology.

      The third are primarily ethnic Jews. Some of these folk were fairly religious, but their religious activities were mostly a working out of their ethnic orientation, not a real theologic commitment. Others are ethnic to varyign degrees, but not observant at all. Of the folk I know like this, they are almost all Progressive. The key for this is that they do have a religion that they believe in and practice — it’s woke Progressivism. The thing to recognize is that Progressivism *is* a religion. It has it’s own creed, liturgy, canon law, and sacraments. It is fundamentally a neopagan religion. Many practioners don’t recognize it, but many do — hence the rise of Goddess worship on the left. Whether it’s wrapped in the patina of atheism, liberation theology, or whatever, it boils down to the same stuff. For instance, you have a lot of atheist Progressives mock the idea of God, but nod sagely when the idea that reality is a simulation or “mathematical instantiation,” or part of the “new mysterianism.” You see it in the “non-theological” Church of Satan, which views things in terms of archetypes and politics, but boils down to religious worship nonetheless.

      In this latter group, there is the problem that their religion and their ethnicity come into conflict sometimes. That’s unfortunate, because religion always trumps ethnicity when the rubber meets the road. When that happens, they betray their ethnic orientation and cling to their religious one.

      I see the same thing when talking about racial or political issues when talking to my African-American friends. When the conversation is cast only in terms of race or politics, the conversations can be contentious. When we establish first that we are brothers in Christ and discuss the same topics as brethren, the conversation tends to be very different — even if our views are still different. If one is truly a believer, then religion always trumps.

      That means that, when it really matters, these ethnic Jews but religious Progressives will deny their birthright for the sake of their faith.

      1. @hh46: Good comment except for one thing.

        Messianic Jews are Christians. They’ve accepted Jesus as the Messiah. They’re no longer Jews (religiously at any rate).

        1. They still identify as Jews. They still follow Mosaic law. They still claim the covenant. I’m not going to tell them they aren’t Jewish.

    1. east coast/west coast LEOs of any stripe are predominantly hangers for the uniform, and they know it.
      you get inside the mountain ranges and things change markedly, but if you’re in or near a major metro on the coasts, forget it.

    2. I’m cynical enough to wonder, if Louis Farrakhan were speaking at UC Berkeley, and Jewish and pro-Israel students protested outside, chanted “From the river to the shore, Israel forevermore!”, broke windows, forcibly entered the venue, etc., would they evacuate the speaker and attendees through tunnels?
      Or would they identify, arrest, jail, and expel every single one of those Jewish and pro-Israel students?
      (The fact we even ask the question, however cynically, means we have zero trust in the UC Berkeley police and administrators to make the right call. Just sayin’.)

    3. @it’s just Boris: I’m going for ‘can’t’. Like some of the protests across the pond, the police are simply outnumbered.

      Most of the activities don’t appear to warrant a response with force. Lot’s of yelling and shouting, even though it must be quite unnerving.

      Pepper spray or ECD on the other hand…. 😏

  2. I’ve been slapped in the past for this statement: History is repeating. America is becoming like 1930’s Germany; the Progressive Elites are the new NAZI party.

    If we don’t act accordingly, the results will be the same, on a much larger scale. It won’t be pretty.

  3. There are many Jews disconnected from their history who still identify as Jews culturally or ethnically. A friend of my wife’s is one such Jew. Wifes friend and I were discussing a book we both read with a very obvious reference to the final solution in it. She, the cultural and ethnic (but not religious) Jew, had no idea what the final solution was and claimed to never have heard that term before. I was struck utterly dumb in that moment. It was extremely difficult to not rudely inquire to her cognitive abilities then…. Probably no shocker she is a very anti gun liberal too.
    What was my point here… I guess that she is the exact type of person Jkb always talks about and contributes to the state of things as seen here.

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