The WHO has declared Monkeypox to be a health emergency. According to them Monkeypox is going to become the next pandemic and kill you all!

NPR has helpfully put together an article explaining how to protect yourself from catching Monkeypox. It is very informative in that it strongly suggests that YOU, that’s right YOU, can catch it just by touching a surface that is contaminated!

The better answer is “Don’t have sex with strangers that have the pox.”

The virus also spreads through physical contact, including touching a lesion, as well as the exchange of some bodily fluids like saliva. An individual could become infected by touching items and surfaces shared with someone exhibiting symptoms.

As the virus can spread through skin-to-skin contact, the CDC advises people to exercise caution in situations where one can’t maintain some sense of personal space and bumping into others is impractical. In places where clothing is minimal and you could experience that contact, such as crowded raves and clubs, the risk goes up.

Potentially contaminated items like bedding, clothes and towels should be contained until you have time to do your laundry, the CDC recommends. Be sure to frequently wash your hands with soap and water as you’re cleaning and dispose of all cleaning materials when you’re done.
Monkeypox explained: How to protect yourself and what to watch out for

In the entire article they seem to leave out a couple of very important pieces of information:

  1. The survival rate in first world countries is currently 100%
  2. There have been four deaths, all in Africa
  3. The most common transmission vector is anal sex.
  4. The gay community is currently the most highly effected group

As more than one politically incorrect person has pointed out, there is a perception that gay culture is very promiscuous and that there are many that are refusing to stop having sex while they are still contagious.

It might make its way into the general population but right now it is very contained.

For an organization that had no issues in telling the entire world to lock down for 2 weeks to slow the spread, they don’t seem to be at all interested in telling gay men “Keep it in your pants while you are contagious.”

Is there something about the gay culture that doesn’t care about the health ramifications? Why is it that WHO refuses to identify the primary transmission vector?

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By awa

10 thoughts on “A Pox on You!”
  1. The LGBTQ+ folks are a protected class and must not in any way be criticized, especially when it comes to sexual behavior. The WHO is not interested in Truth; the agenda is all that is important.

  2. Because it’s not acceptable to criticize a lifestyle choice*. And by that I don’t even mean whether being homosexual is learned or ingrained. I mean, choosing to have sex (protected or not) when you might be contagious and/or when you KNOW a sexually transmitted disease is ripping through your subculture.
    * Unless that lifestyle choice includes eating meat, using fossil fuels and owning guns. Then you’re bad and you should feel bad.

  3. I’m no longer interested in listening to pronouncements from a non-doctor whose qualifications basically amount to having been a senior member of a communist terrorist group that succeeded in getting power.

    1. I seldom listened to WHO when they played music, I NEVER listened to/read about/gave a shit about political “whos” bullshit.

  4. Is there something about the gay culture that doesn’t care about the health ramifications? Why is it that WHO refuses to identify the primary transmission vector?

    Leftist logic: The only — ONLY — “health ramification” of unprotected sex is an unwanted pregnancy. That’s why the complex and multi-faceted topic of “women’s health care” is always boiled down to “free abortions”, and free abortions are The Hill To Die On.

    Gay men*, of course, don’t have to worry about any of that.

    And if unwanted pregnancies are the only “health ramification” of unprotected sex, then sexually transmitted infections are a Conservative Christian Conspiracy, and right-thinking gay men don’t have to worry about any of that, either.

    Since monkeypox is theoretically possible to transmit through non-sexual means, we can ignore anal sex as the most common infection vector; acknowledging it would violate the Woke principle that All Non-Straight Sex Is Fine.

    Or, put more simply, The Woke Narrative [TM] is more important than the health and safety of the nation and its people. But that’s been abundantly clear for some time now.

    * – Gay non-birthing persons being the only group for whom it is socially and Woke-ly acceptable to use the M-word.

    1. “Gay men*, of course, don’t have to worry about any of that.”
      Ah, but some of them do!
      People who are anatomically female but identify as gay men, and who accordingly have sex with men, have been known to become pregnant. Miraculously, like. And then we have the headline: “Man becomes pregnant!” But that’s so last year; it’s not even a novelty anymore.

  5. I remember reading back in the days of aids discovery, that the faggot community would deliberately keep up the butt sex in order to spread the illness around. A common thought was “i’m going to die anyway, I’ll take as many as possible with me.” Sick mofos in more ways than just being faggots.


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