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13 thoughts on “A question for the NYPD”
  1. here again a non solution to a problem liberals created and now “solved”… any and all cities should be fenced off and left alone. move all the liberals to them and let THEM deal with the utopia. next will be the ai brain implants to monitor thoughts….

  2. He said it takes 3 seconds per scan. They ever see the subway at rush hour? These things will be gone in a week.

    1. Even if they got good scans of everyone, what are they going to do during rush hour? Stop the flow of 500 angry and frustrated people so they can detain the one person?
      Good luck with that!

  3. “We are only allowed to search this area” points to waist, so ankle and shoulder holsters will be popular.

  4. Made be Evolv Technologies. It’s a combination of a magnetometer with AI to determine if an object is potentially a firearm. It also uses position to make that determination. All of the foregoing is based on the manufacturer’s promotional material. They are selling a crapton of these in NYS; the tech is expensive; also promoted as foolproof. Evolv believes all businesses and public locations will benefit from their brand of “safety”.

    1. Build a system that is foolproof, and someone will build a better fool. — Murphy’s Laws
      As technology advances, the technology to fool it advances as well. — Bruce Coville (from one of his My Teacher is an Alien books, can’t remember which)
      I wonder how susceptible the hardware is to, say, someone placing a rare-earth magnet on the magnetometer housing. What does that do to the machine or the scans it produces?
      The best part about that second quote above, is that a lot of times the “technology to fool it” is surprisingly simple and/or low-tech stuff. The work-arounds — and there WILL be work-arounds — will be things the designers and engineers didn’t consider, or didn’t think anyone would do.
      A lot of designers and engineers (too many, IMHO) don’t think adversarially. It doesn’t occur to them to wonder, “Ok, we’ve built this thing, and it looks good. Now, how many ways can someone try to bypass, fool, or disable it? And what modifications can we do to prevent that from happening?” That type of thinking is a foreign concept to far too many “professionals”.

      1. Kind of like designing cars where you have to unbolt an engine mount in order to lift the engine enough to change one particular sparkplug..

        1. More like designing cars that can be opened or started with a screwdriver instead of a key, because the designers didn’t consider it so they didn’t plan for it. “Why would anyone ever do that?”

  5. Those guys are all cops in plain-clothes, right? And presumably, that was known to the press?
    I love how even with that knowledge, they had to fall all over themselves how that gun was harmless. Bright red “training” slide, no firing pin, etc.
    Did they expect the sight of a cop’s gun on a cop’s person to incite a panic? Are the people of New York City that far gone?
    (Don’t answer that. We already know.)

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