I had not shot mine since I forget when, but yesterday I took it out for a long overdue spin. Other than a mounted light and a sling, it is strictly an out of the box PC 9 without any modifications other than the charging handle moved to the left side. Oh yes, I have not cleaned the thing since I shot it first in the SWFLa Blog shoot.

Some 75 rounds later, I stopped. I ran the carbine off hand, standing up on a slope at different steel targets at different ranges and angles. And the little long gun performed flawlessly. Me? not so much, but that is a different story. Fifty yard body shots were the norm and I hit targets farther than that not as regularly, but that was because of me and not the gun.

I need to sit down and bench the PC 9 to see how far can I get it to shoot. In theory, I believe it can be a proper 100 yard gun with the right scope a top of it. Something of variable power to get flavors close and far with a simple twist of a ring.

For some reason, the term “American AK” popped in my head just now. I know, it is not a rifle cartridge, but if you own one and have already messed with it a bit, it will probably makes sense to you too.

I will need to buy another PC 9 for my collection.

Damned gun list keeps getting longer, ain’t it. I am sure I am not the only one with that problem.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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11 thoughts on “A quick update on the Ruger PC 9.”
  1. Based on your recommendations a few blogs ago,I picked up a pc9.

    It is a simple blowback rifle firing from a closed bolt. It is light and gentle because it fires 9mm. Takes Glock or Ruger pistol mags.

    It seems to be pretty consistent to me. I had a red dot on mine for a while but went back to the irons. Plenty good enough for line of sight around here.

    Because it is a takedown it fits nicely in an oversized briefcase along with a Glock plus holster plus ten mags.

    My preferred carry is a 1911. If I’m in SHTF I’ll switch out to the Glock and sling the PC-9.

    Mine looks like a black plastic grandpa hunting rifle with extended magazine. No tacticool to it. LGS has one that looks more like an AR with aluminum grip. The entire thing is red white and blue flag. Beautiful.

    My only issue is that it has the Ruger complexity so cleaning is a bitch with lots of parts that are small and easy to loose. Lots of places to get carbon buildup.

  2. Back when I was younger with better eyes, I would routinely hit bowling pins and small silhouettes at 100 yds shooting a 9mm Browning Hi-Power. So yeah, the 9 can be a proper 100 yd cartridge, especially from a carbine with good optics.

    I also imagine you’d get a decent velocity boost shooting with a carbine barrel vs a 4″ pistol barrel. However you may run into the .22 rimfire effect where, past a certain point, longer barrel length means lower velocity as all the powder is expended before the bullet leaves the barrel. I would think a 9 mm loaded for a 4″ barrel may see that same effect. Not sure, just guessing.

    If it wasn’t just so butt ugly, but then again if it works then it works.

      1. The second pic does look better, but on a personal level I never liked collapsible stocks. Something about them always feels a little cheap and gimmicky. Yea, I know they have some practicality to them, but still. So maybe mate that front section with a solid AR looking stock and pistol grip. I’ll still probably go with my Rossi model 92 in .357. I’ll die stylishly.

  3. A while back I had my gunsmith design a 9mm PCC with a 10.5″-barrel, AR type upper and lower with a Trijicon MRO red dot 2 moa, designed for this application. I found that sighting-in at 150 yards was perfect for accurate shots out to 175 yards using 115 gr FMJ. At 75-100 yards the shot will be eight inches high at at 175 yards the shot will be eight inches low and at 200 yards the shot will be eighteen inches low. Therefore, holding the red dot dead center on a human sized target (chest area) the shot placement achieves the intended result from close range to 175 yards (shots on a sixteen inches center mass area) and moving the red dot to the head area at 200 yards works fine to achieve the same intended result. Most 9mm loads will move about 6-12″ with a five to ten mph wind from the left or right from 50-175 yards. A wind from front or back requires holding high about 4 moa at 50-175 yards, to regain accuracy.

  4. I’m still looking for a PC9 that doesn’t cost a testicle and kidney donation to buy. 🙁 Regretting not getting one when they were more available. Oh well, patience is a virtue and all that. 😉

    1. I was lucky, got mine before all the other wanna be like Miguel’s ordered theirs and forced the price up. Seriously, the price of a PC9 went up $50+ shortly after Miguel posted about his.

  5. Be aware that some variable scopes will move the point of aim depending on magnification selected. Small caliber carbines can be an exellent choice.

    1. Really? It’s hard to imagine optical design so bad that it would so such a thing. Can you tell us which brands do this?

  6. Seems that most who buy these ( or have shot one ) like them well enough- I KNOW I REALLY LIKE MINE. Very handy to use the same mags that supply my Glocks. Did get an inexpensive red dot to try on it, but the ghost ring set up it came with flat works if there is enough light to see the front sight. May need to get a tritium replacement for that.

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