In general media representation of the guns right battle is highly slanted. An “expert” or two will be quoted with their affiliation, but unless you are in the know, it isn’t obvious that these experts are paid shills for gun control groups.

A line I used when talking to my Senator about the ATF nominee was “If you wouldn’t put a lobbyist from the NRA in this position, then you shouldn’t be putting Chapman as the head of the ATF”.

I’ve been diving into the nastier parts of the body politic in order to find good balanced articles for the blog. This one was surprising.

For some, the words “shall not be infringed” mean no laws can be passed that limit a person’s ability to own firearms or ammunition. Others see “a well regulated Militia” as permitting gun control and stating that the right to own a firearm is connected to a military purpose.

Give them the click AMERICA’S GUN CULTURE: Second Amendment interpretation central to national debate over firearms, public safety

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By awa