While a lot of places and people are going back to normal, after surviving the Kung Flu idiuocy theater, the PGA remains a bastion iof Covid insanity:

In a single moment, a dream tournament turned into a nightmare for Jon Rahm.
The world No. 3 golfer was forced to withdraw from the Memorial Tournament on Saturday after testing positive for COVID-19. He was informed of the positive test on air immediately after the third round, in which he had built up a commanding six-stroke lead.

Jon Rahm tests positive for COVID-19, forced to withdraw with 6-stroke lead at Memorial Tournament

We are what? 14 months after the whole craziness started. We know so much more about the sickness and specially that it ain’t Ebola, that you are not a 50% chance away from a painful death but rather a 98% that you won’t even feel a thing and yet, this guy is treated like Typhoid Mary humping everybody in sight.

This was a power move from the PGA just because they could. They needed to show their power and chose to do so by screwing a guy who was on his way to win some nice cash.

Had Rahm stayed in the tournament and held onto his lead, he would have won a $1.67 million prize for first place.

Is there some sort of power struggle in the PGA? Have they felt golfers trying to rebel or “misbehave” so they decided to punish this guy as example? No idea and I cannot believe the PGA still thinks we are at  Pandemic-Business-As-Usual so there has to be something else.

And the old adage that a golf course is nothing more than a good waste of rifle range, rings so true after crap like this.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “A reminder that Covid Stupidity is still up and running”
  1. Let’s see what the science says: “Oh great oracle of science, what shall we do?”
    Science: “Asymtomatic transmission of COVID-19 is almost non-existent.”
    Science: “Outdoor transmission of COVID-19 is almost non-existant.”
    Science: “Social distancing will reduce transmission rates to effectively zero.”
    PGA: ” Right, no golf for you, off to the COVID isolation cell.”

  2. Speaking of COVID, there’s an interesting op-ed in today’s WSJ, arguing — with substantial technical detail — that the WuFlu virus exhibits “gain of function” markers that are normally seen only in products of labs, not natural mutations.
    I haven’t finished reading the article yet so I don’t know if it points out that the USA funded the work of the Wuhan lab. The obvious question to be asked about that is “who authorized that, when, and why?”

  3. “…the old adage that a golf course is nothing more than a good waste of rifle range…”

    I’ve always fancied the idea of turning the sand traps into sand ‘traps’… dug in* shooting positions for shot-gunners alongside the fairways to take pot-shots at the balls as they fly past.

    *Built into the ground in such a manner that depression can in no way exceed 45 degrees down from vertical

  4. He had a 6-stroke lead at the end of the 3rd round. That’s a commanding lead, and if he continued playing at that rate, would have won by 8 strokes, maybe 9.

    I saw the story, saw his response, heard he’d already had COVID and gotten the vaccine (verification needed on those), and my mind went immediately to, “He’s doing >too well, and the PGA cannot let him win by that much. It makes the course look too easy and the PGA look bad.”

    What more convenient way to deny a player that outshines all the others his prize, than by invoking “emergency health codes” — particularly ones that cannot be verified until after the fact — to force him to withdraw.

    Also, it’s golf season (as much as there IS a “season”), there are big matches every weekend, and forcing him to “quarantine” for two weeks — starting in the middle of the weekend — not only disqualifies him (without “disqualifying” him) from this match, but the next two as well.

    So they’ve denied him his chance at not one, but up to three match prizes.

    Because he “tested positive” for a virus that darn-near cannot be spread while playing (see NRW’s comment above), which he has already had and for which he has additionally been vaccinated.

    (On that note, what is the basis for his test? Was it a “live virus” test, or did he test positive for COVID antibodies? If the latter, wouldn’t that be normal and expected if he’s had both the virus and the vaccine?)

    Something smells fishy to me here.

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