The governor of Connecticut has decided not to issue gun permits to people on the no Fly list.

I can’t wait for this to go to court.

The Supreme Court punted on the Highland Park AWB case.  I’m glad they did.  The court has bowed to too much public pressure recently.  I think SCOTUS woukd have upheld the AWB because of San Bernardino and not the law.

But this is to far beyond the pale I don’t think it can be ignored.  Denial of a right without due process.  But there is another issue here.  Having to apply for a permit and pay money to exercise a constitutional right is wrong.  I see permits to own no different than a poll tax.  If this goes to court, it might likely be the end to permits to own.  

This is a fight worth fighting.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “A right not a privilege”
  1. I wish they had taken up the Highland Park case, because it was not about an AWB, but could a city have an AWB when the state does not and the state has a preemption law saying they cities can not have stricter laws.

  2. This is more than a fight worth fighting. This is a travesty. To let it stand would mean the government could make up any list for “state security” and deny any right.

    Free speech, nope, you are on a list.

    Freedom of religion, nope, that one is dangerous and we put you down as that type of faith.

    You know, we need to put troops in your house to keep an eye on you because you are on a list.

  3. As people on the CT gun boards rightly fear how long until our gov in CT starts making use of their own lists? We know they have them so what next?

  4. Is there no good guy’s left in the government state or federal or they all became cowards to keep allowing this garbage to keep happening.

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