Even the AP called Biden out on his bullshit.

AP FACT CHECK: Biden’s State of Union is off on guns, EVs

I’d go further and think Republicans should repeal all the COVID vaccine liability protections from pharmaceutical companies.

You don’t get liability protection and the right to hide the data for 50 years.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “A SOTU inspired meme”
  1. You have more faith in the Stupid Party than I do. GOP will do what they always do when they get the majority. Ignore any promises made, push unpopular social measures, ‘reach across the aisle’, and fritter away the majority over the next few elections.

  2. If it winds up turning out that the Covid vaccines will ultimately do more harm than good, watch the democrats pivot to blaming Trump for it. “These vaccines were developed under his watch! It’s not our fault we threatened you all with taking everything you hold dear away if you didn’t take a vaccine! We were deceived by Trump!”

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