I was watching bits and pieces of the Democrat Primary.  My goal was to get something to talk about regarding guns and gun control.

What I caught was the Democratic candidates talking about business and the economy.


Now, I believe that the issues of the intersection of business and politics is something that we need to discuss in America.  We’ve seen how business regulations, and institutions like Obamacare have affected the economy.  How bad regulations led to the housing bubble and bust.  How corporate taxes in America have driven American companies overseas, on paper, to save money.  We are still stuck in an economic slump with 37% of Americans not in the workforce.  Issues like “too big to fail” and trillions of dollars in bailouts and stimulus that failed to simulate have made the national debt skyrocket.  Cronyism, whether it is G.W. Bush with Halliburton or Obama with Solyndra and green energy, is a real problem, with the tax payers left holding the bag for corporate inefficiency or malfeasance.

I want a president who can tackle these issues.  I want a more level economic playing field, where the government doesn’t pick winners or losers, handing out buckets of subsidies, no bid contracts, or hobbling business with anti-competitive regulations.  I believe it should be easier to start a business, grow a business, hire people and make more money.  I am a student of Milton Friedman, and believe that capitalism has raised more people out of poverty and improved the lives of more people than any economic system on Earth.

free market

Then I saw this clip and it blew my mind.

Q: “Will a corporate America love a President Sanders?”

A: “No, I think they won’t.”

*Audience laughs and applause*

A (cont): “The CEO’s of large multinationals may like Hillary, they ain’t gonna like me, and Wall Street is gonna like me even less.”


For the first time in American History, has a primary candidate from a major party run on the platform of “F*ck Business!”

That is horrifying.

The fact that Sanders platform of “F*ck Business!” got whoops and applause is even worse.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “A Strange New World”
  1. Democrat voters for the past 4 election cycles have had it in for businesses and business owners. “Tax the businesses” and “increase corporate taxes” have been the rallying cries of the left for decades. It’s no surprise that when they finally get their hands on a candidate who yells inarticulately about how much he hates capitalism, he’s their favorite person in the history of ever.

    Nevermind that the very policies he advocates are the same ones that killed the Soviet Union, and are presently pushing the European Union into financial collapse. Nevermind that all of the problems with the Office of Veteran Affairs are policy-based, not funding-based, and the policies causing those problems were enacted during his administration. Nevermind that all of the biggest critics against Capitalism are also some of the biggest beneficiaries of a capitalist system. Nevermind that everyone who has ever fled a Socialist system to a Capitalist system could tell you that Capitalism is the better system by far.

    Keep in mind that these are the same people who say that the Tea Party is corrupting the Republican party and making it into an abomination and then ignore the fact that if it weren’t for Tea Party candidates, SOPA would have passed and we’d have warrantless drone killings of American citizens.

    It’s no surprise that Bernie Sanders is popular among the poor and lazy. On the plus side, most of his supporters are either too young to vote or don’t have American citizenship.

    And if it does come down to Trump vs. Sanders? Prepare to see Capitalism beat Socialism yet again.

    1. I know that Obama isn’t an ideological backer of capitalism. But he’s rich, he likes being rich, he was going to help out his rich friends. You knew, no matter what else he did, he was going to allow his rich friends on Wall Street and in business to make money. When he’s done, he needs fancy golf courses and nice restaurants and everything else plush in his post presidential Versailles.

      Hillary isn’t anti-capitalist, she’s not pro-capitalist. She’s just corrupt. As long as she gets hers, she doesn’t care what else happens. She’s not an ideologue, she’s a tyrant. If Wall Street and business keep her happy with gifts and corruption, they’re safe.

      Sanders really scares me. His money is where his mouth is, meaning he doesn’t have much. He’s not rich. He’s not moneyed in business. He’s a true, anti-capitalist ideologue. He can burn the system to the ground and it won’t bother him because he’s got nothing to lose.

  2. As is the case with Obama himself, the problem wasn’t Obama; it was that we degenerated into a nation that would elect Obama. Same thing with Sanders. The problem is the people that cheered his idiocy and would vote for him.

    I don’t give him a snowball’s chance in Miami of winning, but he’s succeeding in pushing Hillary farther and farther left. As you say, she’s a lifelong, corrupt, tyrant, but mixed with leftist ideologue.

  3. Truth is, there is nothing new about hating big business in the USA. William Jennings Bryant got whoops & applause for saying the same things over 100 years ago.

  4. They all want to tax the working class to death they figure if you keep them down they will be dependent and obedient.That way the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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