I got my guns and ammo loaded into my trailer to head out.

Between AR-15s, high capacity magazines, suppressors, and switch blades, if I get busted on I-95 by the NYPD my math puts me at over 900 years of combined misdemeanor and felony time.

My plan is to stop in Pennsylvania where everything I have is legal and I’m covered by my CCW permits.

Gas up and then hit the interstate and not stop until I hit New Hampshire.

I’m going to have to pass through New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

I’m relying on the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 “The Peaceable Journey Law.”  But we all know how little the NYPD gives a fuck about that.

Pray for me and be prepared to chip in for my legal defense fund.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “A thousand years behind bars on wheels”
  1. Massachusetts is the real serious threat of the three states. I’ve lived in every state you mentioned, and MA is the worst. Make sure you have every light working and drive five under the limit. And if you get tired, put-on music you hate…which for me would be rap. Good Luck and God Speed.

  2. GO UP I- 81 thru Pennsylvania! Take 84 east at scranton and you will be in ny for a short time AND avoid ny city n jersey. Much better ride!

  3. Now I’m trying to remember which Red Dwarf character suggested measuring appallingly long confinement time in ice ages – or, for longer terms, leap ice ages. (I suppose it had to be Lister, advising Rimmer, but I’m kinda blanking on which season it was, never mind which episode.)

  4. Extra double careful in MA.
    I have not been there for something like 20 years, but seem to remember seeing signs saying that you had to report your firearms to the nearest police station upon entering the state. Don’t know if that is required any more, but I would avoid drawing attention in any way. Always be on the lookout for speed limit signs, etc… and keep the missus on the lookout as well. Do not drive too slow, or too fast. I remember a town in western MA where the sheriff made a LOT of money off of NY plates.
    Good luck, and godspeed.

    1. @CBMTTek: Not true, sir. I just escaped from MA 6 years ago and still travel there regularly.

      I do flip the bird at the Welcome sign, though. I know that I’m not that welcome.

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