How many times has this blog covered one punch kills?

A trend of punching women in the face will result in women dying.

Eventually, a woman will be sucker punched, lose consciousness, fall, hit her head, and die.

These men need to be prosecuted for attempted murder.

Ideally, women should be able to concealed-carry in NYC, and when a dude takes a swing at her, he gets his liver ruptured with a JHP.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “A trend thst will lead to deaths”
  1. I was just watching a Paul Watson video which showed some of the clips. Said videos and his comments suggested (to me) that these reports are less honest and more whiny videos.

    Just my $0.02.

  2. Weird how there is no descriptions of the men who commit the attacks.
    Suspicious for any number of reasons, like if the attacker is a “diverse” person, the leftists in NYC are likely to not say anything.
    Or, possibly, this is more about getting TikTok likes. The women in the clips do not look like they have just been punched. The first woman looks fine, the second one had a dark spot (that could be natural) and the third had a lump, which could have been there before the hit. And, her cow-orkers did not see particularly concerned.
    All of them were way too calm about something that was potentially terrifying. I do not care who “tough” your average NYCer thinks they are, the moment they get attacked in any way, the turn into blubbering masses of jelly.

  3. And social media already has people and nomenklatura types wailing about “Why aren’t any men standing up to this!?!?!”
    Well, one guy did something and he’s up on murder charges. So, don’t be surprised when people just look down and walk the other way.

  4. The criminals in power in these places WANT this activity to occur. It’s part of the anarchotyranny strategy. Why any sane white person would live or work in such a locale is simply unfathomable.

  5. They’re getting exactly what they vote for. It’ll be sad when someone dies from this, but it’s to be expected. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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