“Los americanos no tienen problemas entonces se los inventan.” (Americans don’t have problems so they invent them.)

That is unequivocally true.

Every problem facing America today is either directly caused or exacerbated by bored, neurotic, privileged people, who have never had any serious challenges in their life, and have a deep and compelling need to fill their vacuous existence by meddling in the lives of others.

Everyday I think Robert A. Heinlein was right in Starship Troopers, that the franchise should be restricted to those people who are civic-minded.  Not necessarily or exclusively through military service, but some method of separating those who understand the gravity and responsibility of participating in the civic process and those bored neurotics who should probably have no more authority than being allowed to take care of stray cats.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “A Tweet of absolute wisdom”
    1. But… the neurotics proclaim, loudly, that they understand sacrifice. Just look at all the sacrifices they make when there’s an audience! (Hair-shirt environmentalism, etc.) No one beats neurotics at the Third Principle of Sentient Life!
      And those defining the filter will be of the psychotic class.
      Keep in mind: sacrifice for its own sake is no virtue, however much our reptilian overlords would like us to believe that it is.

  1. So why do We the People continuously keep valadating these azzhats??? It should be “what? Oh the village idiots are chattering again. Yawn” and We the People go back to living life….

  2. My wife and I have been saying this for years and years. Life is so soft with so little daily struggle, for the vast majority of people, that they make up problems.

    We’re designed to always be on the lookout for threats. “I heard something in the grass! It must be a lion coming to eat me!” For many people, without those threats they need to create threats in their minds.

    If these people would look up “acting” in a dictionary, it comes down to “playing pretend.” It is actually their job to pretend they’re someone that they’re not. Why should they have to cast a Cuban to play a Cuban? There have been many examples of things like this.

  3. I’m not sure if the Perpetual Outrage Crowd would have been satisfied with casting a magically resurrected Desi Arnaz to play himself in this film.

    Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III was a direct patrilineal descendant of José Joaquín Portuondo y Rizo, 1st Conde de Santa Inés. If not for the revolution of 1898 (and the commies later on) then Desi Arnaz would have inherited the title of his aristocratic forefathers.

    The Perpetual Outrage Crowd would accuse Arnaz of being “too white” to be Cuban. For proof, look at the way this crowd reacted to the In the Heights film (which had too few afrxoxo-latinxoxo actxrs for their liking) or the casting of Egyptian-American arab Rami Maleck as the Zanzibaran-British arab Freddie Mercury…

    These people are not happy and cannot be made happy.

  4. Very straight to the point. When was the last time real, honest to god racism was anything other than a random act in this country? So, we have to lie with statistics to turn it into “systemic racism”

    Same with pretty much every problem that the diversity/equity crowd is all up in arms about. Transphobia is just the latest, and frankly would not actually exist if the “trans” individuals were not deliberately setting up confrontations, or “getting in our faces” with it.

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